Toy Fair Case Study


New York City’s Toy Fair is one of the biggest conferences of the year for professionals in the toy industry. It is here that Mattel gets to display their latest products in the hopes that they’ll hit the shelves and win the hearts of children and parents alike in the next distribution of toys.

With over 7,100 unique retail outlets from 100 countries attending the 2016 Toy Fair, Mattel needed a way to stand out.


During our brainstorm we asked ourselves:

How can Mattel take a different approach to the standard practices at Toy Fair? How can we include the people that are ultimately going to be buying these toys? What is grabbing the attention of people in the market for toys today?

The solution was a behind the scenes video produced live on YouTube that gave viewers an exclusive look at the newest toys coming to market, taking your traditional unboxing videos to a whole new level! Our host, Alex Albrecht, acted as the perfect addition to the project not only engaging viewers at home but getting attendees of the fair in on the action as well. Throw in kid DJ Kai Song and the Mattel exhibit was easily the place to be.


To build the hype Mattel released a teaser video prior to the Toy Fair announcing that the live stream would take place. We then distributed the video to various websites, such as The Stir, across our Native Video Content Network.

During the hour long live-stream over 80,000 viewers tuned in making it the 6th most viewed video on Mattel’s channel. Including the 80,000 views from the live-stream, this campaign brought Mattel’s YouTube Channel as a whole a grand total of 2.2 million views!

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