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Spectrum Reach Automotive was looking to do something bold and different at the National Automobile Dealers Association’s annual conference in New Orleans, approaching the conference as an opportunity to introduce the newly formed Spectrum to the world. NADA was celebrating its 100th anniversary, and Spectrum did not want to miss an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 
Since automotive dealerships make up a significant portion of their business, Spectrum Reach wanted the event to have an impact, and challenged Magnet to come up with activations that would draw convention goers to their booth, but to also engage their wider audience who were unable to attend in person.


After working with the Spectrum Reach Automotive team, Magnet Media devised a plan to drive booth attention and include the audience at home.

Magnet Media has always been a frontrunner in technology-driven storytelling, and knowing how passionate NADA attendees are about the automotive industry and the world around it, we wanted to give them a unique experience. Leveraging our partnerships with VR leaders, we worked to create a tailor-made experience and put NADA guests in the virtual driver’s seat. This gave booth goers a chance to drive some of the most exotic courses, race other attendees, and even square off against a few celebrity guests.

Placing just as much importance on the audience watching from home, Magnet produced ten live streams from the Spectrum Reach booth. Hosted by Camille Kostek, these live streams gave home viewers the chance to experience the booth, gain insight into Spectrum Reach, and get exclusive access to racing celebrities, including Richard Petty, Michael Waltrip, James Hinchcliffe, and more.

Once the streams were completed, they were added to the Spectrum Reach Automotive  YouTube page, where the content could continue to engage audiences.


With our all-encompassing approach, Magnet Media was able to provide an unforgettable experience, not just for those in attendance, but for the larger audience at home. This greatly expanded opportunities for Spectrum Reach and ensured that no automotive enthusiasts were left out.

As a result, Spectrum Reach saw more visitors come to their booth than the previous year and exceeded their Social Media Impressions goal by over 100,000. Combining the 150,000 impressions with 5,300 Social Media Interactions made for a successful campaign that engaged their audience in attendance as well as those watching online.

With our Think, Make, Reach approach, Magnet Media was able to look at the Spectrum Reach Automotive audience and create an experience that was tailor-made and inclusive of everyone.

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