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In partnership with YouTube, National Geographic Kids needed to create a fresh new series mixing live-action production with carefully curated video content about nature, animals, science, and more, for kids between the ages of 5-12.

Based on an ongoing creative production partnership with us, Nat Geo Kids approached Magnet to get a new show off the ground in a relatively short span of time.


We casted young hosts (including popular DJ Kai Song) and filmed scripted segments with each of them. These segments act as introductions for and interstitial explanations within the featured playlists.

Each playlist tackles a different topic of interest to the age group, like dinosaurs, science experiments, pets, and roller coasters. For each, our team performed extensive research on the topic, curated the featured videos from established creators within YouTube, wrote all scripts for introductory and interstitial segments, handled set design, props, and costumes, and delivered on sound design, graphics, and editing in post-production.


After originally ordering ten, Nat Geo Kids renewed for ten more. By year’s end, there will be a total of 20 YouTube playlists live on the YouTube Kids App as part of this series. They’re also featured on the Nat Geo Kids website and on the brand’s YouTube channel.

The following statistics represent the series’ performance from February 15 – June 22, during which the first 13 playlists went live.

  • More than 1.7 million total views (majority on mobile/tablets through the YouTube Kids App)
  • Nearly 20,000 total watch hours
  • 70% retention rate

Top Playlists (all embedded below):
Pet Tricks
Cool Science Experiments
Roller Coasters

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