‘Accident’ Series: Scripted Live Action


Norton wanted an entertaining and engaging way to promote its Online Backup protective software, desiring to deliver a message that any number unexpected occurences could put a person’s computer files at risk of deletion. The company desired an assortment of online video spots, around 30 seconds each, showcasing various possible computer “accidents.”


The Magnet team joined together for a brainstorm, during which the ideas were hatched and fleshed out. Thanks to Norton’s track record of displaying a good-natured sense of humor in its ads, the team was free to come up with the most hilarious and outrageous “accident” concepts. After a successful pitch to Norton, production went underway for the six spots (five of which are live), and concluded, post-production included, right on schedule. Magnet also worked with its distribution partners to integrate a mix of organic and paid promotion to promote the videos and reach a wider audience.


Norton is thrilled with the final videos, which live on its YouTube channel and continue to gain views. One particular video, the Fish Tank Accident, has received more than 100,000 views and counting.

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