Brand Essence Video


Ooyala wanted an animated video that shows how its platform can help brands see increased audience engagement with their online videos thanks to Ooyala’s superior speed, compatibility with multiple devices, and data analysis. Additionally, Ooyala wanted the video to introduce a new look that would define the company’s brand and stand out as unique.


To reach these goals, Magnet started from scratch to create something totally different from Ooyala’s previous videos. Several of Magnet’s designers used Ooyala’s colors and fonts to draft concepts, and worked closely with Ooyala to select a design that best fit the brand. Everything else was an original creation by Magnet Media, including the music and animation. The video focuses on the key features of Ooyala’s platform, and how it is a superior video service for driving viewers and engagement.


The client was thrilled with the final product, and has expressed interest in working with Magnet again on future video projects.

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