Paramount Pictures

Grease Sing-A-Long


Paramount Pictures wanted to expand awareness of the release of their summer blockbuster film, Grease Sing-A-Long.


Magnet Media was hired to spread the word about the film’s release to blogs, writers, and entertainment sites outside the scope of Paramount’s traditional outreach. Leveraging an intimate knowledge of the online film community and relationships with leading bloggers, Magnet Media spearheaded a digital grassroots promotional campaign geared toward placing the trailer on demographically relevant sites (entertainment, “mom” sites, teen girls, family-oriented, and musical theatre), encouraging social media activity in support of the film and using geographically relevant messaging to prompt “Demand It” campaign pickup by fans in cities outside initial launch markets.


Bloggers were immediately responsive to Magnet Media’s personalized outreach and strategic follow-up, with many tweeting and posting to their Facebook accounts in addition to promoting the film on their blogs. In addition, and partly due to Magnet Media’s geographically targeted outreach, Grease Sing-A-Long broadened its release, opening in cities not on the original schedule, including Boston and Chicago.

At the conclusion of the campaign, Magnet received a 25% response rate in its outreach, with pickup by such esteemed names as Kelly Gingery from, Michael Sragow from the Baltimore Sun, and Seth Rudetsky from Playbill.

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