YouTube Video Optimization


With the goal of increasing video views across its family of YouTube channels, growing its overall subscriber base, and increasing profitability, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) came to Magnet for an in-depth YouTube audit. It needed a detailed breakdown of how the videos on each of its YouTube channels were performing, and needed a professional analysis of how to strategically improve discoverability.


Magnet broke down PBS’s family of YouTube channels in detail, giving an in-depth analysis of each of their performances and needs for improvement. It provided  scorecards for 16 of its channels (as well as an overall scorecard for the network in total), each indicating a grade based on a variety of SEO and ROI categories. Comparing each of those scorecards with competitors’ YouTube channels, Magnet was able to give PBS an understanding of its competitive positioning and highlight areas for improvement. It then delivered best practice guidelines for promotion, programming, optimization, community, and for the channel as a whole, all to improve discoverability and increase viewership and profitability.


PBS was very happy with the overall audit and implemented the provided best practices once received. Additionally, PBS now takes part in monthly Google+ Hangouts with Magnet’s Head of Strategic Distribution Practices, during which he hosts training sessions based on rotating YouTube optimization topics, complete with Q&A sessions afterwards.

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