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Redapt, an IT solutions company, was looking for an original animated video to help explain its private cloud computing services. Redapt wanted the animation style to be simple, similar to Magnet Media’s work for Simpana and Adobe. While the video needed to simplify some of the complex parts of its technology, it also needed to be interesting to a tech audience.


Magnet Media started from scratch, executing all steps of pre-production, production, and post-production in-house. This included storyboarding, hiring voice talent, designing, and animating.


Redapt was very happy with the video and partnered with Magnet to produce two more animated videos to showcase their products. The videos were uploaded to Redapt’s YouTube channel and have combined for over 13,000 views. Redapt even decided to adopt the look and feel of the animations for its corporate brand.

Magnet and Redapt continue to work together to produce more videos.

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