Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway: Project Entrepreneur Event


Project Entrepreneur is Rent The Runway’s biggest event, hosting hundreds of entrepreneurs and giving them resources and providing workshops, allowing them to take their vision and skills to the next level. Female entrepreneurs were given the chance to connect with one another and workshop their ideas alongside some of the brightest entrepreneurs and investors in NYC.


In order to make this event and its subsequent incorporation live beyond these three days, Magnet Media partnered with Project Entrepreneur to capture the magic of this event on camera. Magnet Media oversaw the content strategy for the event, which focused on creating a variety of interactions and unique experiences for event goers.


The results? Our digital engagement strategy following the event led to multiple features in tech and finance press with 24 hours supported by high quality content asset produced by Magnet Media, garnering tremendous excitement and even new applicants and sponsorship interest for next year. Magnet Media helped to ensure Rent the Runway’s initiative lived beyond just the 3 day event. Additionally, a 3 minute press reel on Sunday, less than a 24 hour turnaround, was produced so that RTR could maximize buzz and excitement around their event. All in all, Magnet Media’s support in capturing beautiful footage of the event has fostered an ongoing partnership to again be their video production partners for the 2018 Project Entrepreneur event.

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