Rising Tide Capital

Non-Profit Customer Stories


Rising Tide Capital, a non-profit organization that invests in women, minorities, immigrants, and others trying to start small businesses, came to Magnet with a need for video on its website and YouTube channel. It needed a compelling way to explain its mission and to tell the ongoing story of its support of entrepreneurial endeavors – and it needed this to be cost effective.


The Magnet team worked with Rising Tide Capital to come up with a plan: at a viable price for a non-profit, using a mixture of  interviews with customers, board members, and founders, and pulling from event footage too, it created five videos for its site and channel. The videos share the organization’s mission, highlight a yearly fundraising event and tell the stories of three customers/entrepreneurs who have created successful and flourishing small businesses thanks to Rising Tide Capital’s investments.


“These videos have definitely strengthened our communications and marketing for Rising Tide Capital, by giving us new tools for our communications arsenal,” said Esther Fraser, Director of Communications at Rising Tide Capital. “They are all on our websites and we’ve used them on our social media, blasted them to our email marketing list, and have used them as part of our presentations at conferences. More importantly, we can use them as conversation starters with potential funders, supporters and volunteers. We’ve even used segments of these videos to enter video grant competitions! In May, we won $75,000 with a segment from the ‘Mission Video’ that Magnet produced for us!

She added: “There is no substitute for really high quality visual storytelling. Our communications team here at RTC have done our little quick videos in-house, but none of them have been as successful at telling the story of Rising Tide Capital and its entrepreneurs as the ones produced by Magnet Media.”

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