Silicon Valley Bank

Brand Anthem


Silicon Valley Bank wanted to continue to grow it’s brand awareness and appeal amongst the Start Up community in the Bay Area, while highlighting several successful entrepreneur clients of theirs.


Magnet Media developed a video storytelling template with similar narrative elements that would allow impactful information to be conveyed in under 2 minutes total. The unique development process, which leveraged research on SVB’s target audience, conveyed that conversations between entrepreneurs, versus conversations with the camera was the best format to drive engaging messaging.


Magnet Media managed an extremely efficient production process to capture video content with entrepreneurs over the course of 2-shoot days. The conversations between the entrepreneurs went in many different directions, but were guided by a skilled production team to ensure that the content captured would hit on the topics the target audiences demanded. The success of this content surfaced initiatives the follow year to continue the conversation with SVB’s Start Up client community.

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