Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival


The Sundance Film Festival is known as the birthplace of some of cinema’s best independent films, but the festival wanted to raise awareness of its events and personalities, and positioning itself as a leading destination for thought leadership and pop culture in film, music, Internet, and the arts.


Magnet Media was hired as the official new media provider for the Sundance Film Festival, crafting a new media production and distribution system for a variety of supplemental content that positioned the festival as a star-studded, must-see destination in its own right.

Magnet produced and promoted a number of original new media programs: enhanced podcasts covering panel discussions with celebrity casts and crews, a “Meet the Artist” filmmaker interview series, and Magnet Media’s own film podcast, On the Circuit, to offer compelling ways to enjoy the festival for those who could not attend.

In addition to the production, Magnet Media designed and executed an ongoing multi-platform digital distribution and promotion plan, tracking key metrics and viewership levels across the full spectrum of content.


Ultimately, Magnet Media helped to attract millions of viewers to the supplemental content, commanding a 300% increase in viewership within the first week of launch. Magnet and Sundance renewed their relationship for the following three years.

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