TEDxMarriott – Feats of Memory


TED wanted to create a series of short, high-end videos in partnership with Marriott Hotels that would foster the ingenuity of Marriott’s guests by capturing the intelligence and insight of the TED brand.

TED consulted with Magnet Media to create a series of eight glossy, animated videos that highlighted audio clips from previous TED talks.


Working with TED, Magnet’s animation team sorted through the extensive library of TED talks for short but powerful sound bytes that were both thought-provoking and inspiring. By setting these audio clips to unique and dynamic images, this series of short, animated videos spark the imaginations of all Marriott’s guests.


Once the final video product was presented, TED was very please with the finished product.  These videos can be seen on the TED Partners YouTube channel, and Marriott is now using one of the series as part of their employee onboarding process.

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