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At the outset of our engagement with Tintri, the cloud storage provider sought to increase its brand awareness with IT professionals and wanted to position itself as a viable, easy-to-use solution to often complicated storage problems.

After strategic brainstorming sessions, and after considering results from a deep dive into the Tintri audience, we arrived at the idea of a brand character named Carl — a man who is a  “caricature of what our audience is like,” according to Scott Buchanan, Tintri’s VP of Marketing.


To introduce Carl, we produced a three-part comedic video series called Don’t Be This Guy, during which he’s obsessed with storage solutions because his longtime storage provider couldn’t keep up with his needs.

The series was produced in a robust, adaptable fashion, with a growth plan in mind — with the knowledge that Carl might eventually come to an understanding of Tintri’s value.


The Don’t Be This Guy series was an instant hit and deeply resonated with the Tintri audience — so much so that it spawned a series of demonstration videos. In those, Carl demos a new product, showing its ease of use as he himself comes to the realization that Tintri might be the perfect solution to his problems.

Because of Carl’s appeal, Tintri extended the character beyond just video. He became the central, consistent element throughout the company’s overall marketing, appearing on its website, in comic strips, on social media, and even at events. Actor Joe Tantalo recently gave a presentation, in character, to the Tintri staff at an annual event at the California headquarters.

“We can say things through Carl that are hard for our brand to just say. He creates that edge for us. [Our audience] finds things in Carl that they can totally relate to,” said Buchanan.

Magnet was called upon to produce another series, called Say No to LUNs, this time featuring Carl as a fully transformed brand ambassador, helping others see the light as he finally has. This three-part series focused on guiding viewers through a long-term, overarching brand story coinciding with their journey through the Tintri marketing and sales cycle.

We promoted the latter videos through media campaigns, using YouTube TrueView and our own Magnet Media Premium Content Syndication Network.

– The YouTube TrueView campaign achieved 150% of its viewership goal and more than 200% of its click-through goal to the company’s website. 

– Use of our Magnet Media Premium Content Syndication Network resulted in nearly 120,000 quality views. 

Most recently, we worked with Tintri to create a product overview video, in which Carl talks specifically about the features of Tintri in depth from inside an animated version of the actual product. The video lives on the Tintri homepage and acts as the first thing people see upon their digital visit, with the goal of explaining complex concepts and scenarios through simple animation.

See below for an initial sketch turned into a digital animation from that video:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.41.17 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.41.36 AM

In another new video, about the Tintri Flash Storage product, Carl personifies the brand in a race against competitors. He outshines the field based on his preparedness.

We’re excited to continue working with Tintri in an effort to tell Carl’s story.

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