Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner: “Keep It Wild” Live Google+ Hangout


Toyota wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before: a live Google+ Hangout On Air featuring its newest 4Runner model off-roading through the uneven terrain of the California desert, while also answering audience questions live and responding to each not with words, but by showcasing the car’s capabilities.

G+ Hangouts are great for conversations, but for obvious reasons (connectivity, camera portability, complexity of action), they can be challenging for capturing video action. Working with Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Magnet was able to come up with a plan that worked.


With Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Magnet successfully pulled off the first-ever off-road Google+ Hangout On Air. Professional stunt driver Andy Bell took the wheel of Toyota’s 4Runner, and as he drove, host Rutledge Wood (of History channel’s Top Gear) talked with him through a headset. Using a multi-camera setup (10 cameras, a Google Glass cam, remote feeds, fiber optics, and a microwave signal), the hour-long hangout worked to reply to questions on the fly and demonstrate the answers with action as Bell showcased how the 4Runner aptly handles various off-road obstacles.


The hangout went smoothly with no technical interruptions and effectively captured the value and excitement of the Toyota 4Runner. Viewers participated via Google+ throughout the hangout, sending it questions, and providing other feedback. The sizzle video below, which showcases highlights from the live production, has been viewed more than 7,500 on YouTube already.


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