‘wichcraft Sandwiches Celebrates 10 Years: Branded Series


As ‘wichcraft approached its 10-year anniversary, it wanted to do something with video to celebrate its decade in business, to further promote the brand, and to create buzz leading up to its anniversary party, held in NYC’s Bryant Park. It hired Magnet Media to conceptualize and create 10 videos, one to be released each day for 10 days leading up to the event.


The Magnet team wanted to tell ‘wichcraft’s story by exploring and showcasing the restaurant’s unique use of ingredients, its detailed precision, and its focus on the customer. Additionally, it wanted to give voice to its three founders – Sisha Ortuzar, Jeffrey Zurofsky, and Tom Colicchio, chef and owner of the Craft family of restaurants and head judge of Bravo’s Top Chef – and their collective, ongoing vision. Each video focused on one product, pairing live action shots with interviews from customers, employees, and the founders themselves. All 10 videos were shot in just two days, working on a tight deadline, and post-production was conducted in under 2 weeks.


‘wichcraft loved the videos and the buzz they created leading up to the anniversary event. It continues to host them on its YouTube channel, for viewing by fans, customers, and potential customers.

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