• Interactive Videos: Choose Your Own Engagement Rate

    You already know you need video. You’ve likely committed a significant amount of your marketing budget to creating a steady stream of content and optimizing your YouTube channel in an effort to increase organic viewership. But here’s an important question to ask. Let’s say you’re getting decent impressions and views. How do you know if […]

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  • Creating a Brand Character: Can it Make a Difference?

    Readers, viewers, gamers — anyone entrenched in a story big or small inherently seeks an emotional connection with its characters. It’s what makes it possible to stay up all night binge-watching your new favorite show, to feel tears well during an inspiring commercial, or to read that same amazing novel three times over. Successful content marketers know this character-driven […]

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  • Old Meets New: Big Media Companies Invest In YouTube MCNs

    Bloomberg Businessweek calls it the “YouTube land grab,” while the Social Media Times refers to it as a “buying frenzy.” Big brands rooted in old media are investing in multi-channel networks (MCNs) on YouTube at an increasingly rapid rate. Most recently, “Otter Media, a joint venture between the Chernin Group and AT&T, said it had bought […]

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  • Magnet at VidCon: YouTube Celebrities, Monetization, New Features, & More

    The 5th annual VidCon online video conference took place last week in Anaheim, California, and our Magnet Media Originals Director of Content Development Drea Bernardi was in attendance to see the YouTube celebrity mayhem up close, and to attend industry-focused panels on original programming, monetization, and more. There she learned that “selfies are the new autographs,” as she […]

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  • Content Marketing Minds: Billie Goldman and Intel’s Success in Social Films

    [This is the first post in a new Magnet Media blog series called ‘Content Marketing Minds’, for which we interview influencers in the content marketing industry to learn more about their ongoing projects, successes, challenges, and opinions.] Intel Corporation’s Partner Marketing Manager Billie Goldman talks with us about her award-winning work in branded content and social film. […]

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  • Tip Sheet: 5 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness (Get Your Story Out There)

    Brand awareness is step one on the journey through the marketing and sales funnel. It helps achieve maximum penetration into a marketer’s desired target market. And it all starts with great storytelling. In a recent article on Fast Company, called “Why Our Brains Crave Storytelling in Marketing,” it says, “…our brains are insanely greedy for […]

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  • Creative Inspiration: Interactive Video Using Treehouse by Interlude

    For Creative Inspiration during this morning’s production meeting, our Creative Director Matt Landfield shared Treehouse by Interlude, “a new world of storytelling” offering “interactive, engaging and completely seamless…multi-layered video experience for the digital age.” The platform works to help individuals and/or companies producing video, to create interactive content sure to resonate with viewers, as they encourage involvement and provide the ability […]

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  • A Look At “The Entertainment Epidemic in Advertising and Marketing Today”

    In a recent article published on iMedia Connection, titled “The Entertainment Epidemic in Advertising and Marketing Today”, writer Grant Johnson wonders if the prevailing trend toward overtly entertaining through advertising and marketing might be detrimental to brands’ overall sales and business goals. He looks to statistics from the Super Bowl, an obviously huge day for advertising. “Research suggests that […]

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  • eMarketer Study: “B2B Video Marketing: Best Practices for 2014”

    According to a new eMarketer report called “B2B Video Marketing: Best Practices for 2014,” B2B marketers are increasingly investing in video marketing because, simply put, their clients (along with the majority of other internet users) are watching more digital video than ever before. And as the eMarketer article points out, “businesspeople are drawn to B2B video for […]

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  • Webinar With Matt Ballek: Are You Optimizing For YouTube?

    During our live webinar yesterday with Matt Ballek, (Director of Strategic Distribution Services and resident Video SEO expert), attendees got the lowdown on YouTube optimization. Focusing on why views no longer equal success on YouTube, the meaningful measurements for success on YouTube and how to find them, and how to structure your content for YouTube […]

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