• My Experience at AirBnb Open 2016

    This is the stage where Airbnb changed the future of travel forever.

    The day of the event was exhilarating. Thousands of attendees poured into the auditorium, buzzing with anticipation. They settled into their seats, the crew gave the all-clear, and CEO Brian Chesky nodded, signaling that he was ready to deliver his long anticipated announcement…

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  • Live On Set: How To Prepare For Your First Video Shoot

    Here are a few stats for you to consider: 1. Videos Increase People’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74% 2. YouTube Is The Number Two Search Engine In The World 3. A Third Of All Online Activity Is Spent Watching Video Those are just three of the 25 amazing stats on the effectiveness of […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 47: The Simpsons On FXX, Facebook’s “Mentions”, & More!

    Are you a Simpsons fan? If you can’t get enough Bart, Homer, and Marge on American TV’s longest running program, you’ll enjoy this week’s Magnet Labs Podcast, on which we discuss FXX’s acquisition of the show’s off-network rights and the incredible online distribution plan in motion for this massive content collection. “The Simpsons won’t be making a quiet entrance […]

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  • Engage Your Audience. Build Brand Authority. (You Need Video To Do These Things.)

    Here’s an unsurprising fact: we love video and think it’s really important for your branding and growth. Of course, it’s important to enhance these feelings and beliefs with compelling data and statistics. So here you go! This infographic from Visually helps to quickly digest some of the many important (and growing) stats illuminating web video’s direct connection and importance […]

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  • The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager (Infographic by Socialcast)

    Do you ever wonder what it really means to be a social media manager? What are the daily responsibilities, expectations, and tasks of those who act as social voices for brands large and small? Socialcast came up with this helpful infographic exemplifying its included description that “in order to be a successful [social manager], he or she must take […]

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  • Tip Sheet: 5 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness (Get Your Story Out There)

    Brand awareness is step one on the journey through the marketing and sales funnel. It helps achieve maximum penetration into a marketer’s desired target market. And it all starts with great storytelling. In a recent article on Fast Company, called “Why Our Brains Crave Storytelling in Marketing,” it says, “…our brains are insanely greedy for […]

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  • 8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube: VidiSEO with Matt Ballek

    On this informative video from Matt Ballek’s YouTube channel VidiSEO, he hands the reigns over to Tim Schmoyer at ReelSEO, who delivers the 8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube. These helpful tips can be applied to brands large and small, and will help give your branding cohesiveness, professionalism, and perhaps most important: searchability. Have […]

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