• Our Recent Work

    It was an incredible quarter, producing and delivering more than five videos a week (on average) to our client partners.  Here are just some highlights from the past three months…

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  • SXSW In Review: Creating Content for a Multi-Platform Universe

    As a first timer at SxSW I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I arrived in Austin. Surprisingly enough, I found a lot of very well-respected innovators in both the digital media and tech industries addressing the same concerns many brands and media companies are experiencing today.

    At most panels I attended and conversations I had with peers, it seemed as if multi-platform content distribution was the overarching topic of discussion; More specifically, Snapchat was on everyone’s mind. The fact that there is a platform out there that is delivering 8 billion video views a day and is almost exclusively reaching generation z and y is game-changing for the digital media industry.

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  • Content Chaos: Navigating the Path to Engagement [Interview with Andy Seibert]

    Each year, The Content Council produces an event geared toward C-level executives that focuses on the latest trends, content strategies, research, case studies, and more. This year’s conference is to be held right here in New York City, from March 22-24 at the Gansevoort. Our CEO Megan Cunningham will moderate a panel during Monday’s packed schedule (see the full […]

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  • New Video! Episode #1 of The Strategic Marketer: Millennials & Finance (+ Infographic)

    College-educated Millennials graduated into a stormy marketplace, brimming with recession side effects like minimal job prospects and hefty amounts of debt. In our new video series, The Strategic Marketer, we talk with financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, about what these young professionals face and how they can start to overcome the challenging financial hurdles getting […]

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  • Content Marketing: Kraft Gets Four Times Better ROI From Content Than From Ads

    In her keynote speech at Content Marketing World in Cleveland last week, Kraft Food’s Director of Data, Content, and Media, Julie Fleischer, announced that Kraft now generates the equivalent of 1.1 billion ad impressions a year, and a four-times-better ROI through content-marketing than through even targeted advertising. After its split with Mondelez two years ago, Kraft “really […]

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  • ‘State Of B2B Content Marketing’ : A Look At Contently’s Report

    Here’s a stat I love (and it’ll soon be no mystery why): “B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than B2B companies that do not,” according to Contently’s State of B2B Content Marketing report (which you can download in full here). Beginning to function similarly to trade magazines, blogs have the potential to foster […]

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  • Magnet Media Originals’ PBS Shows ‘Food Buzz’ and ‘Bongo Bongo’ Now Live!

    At its official Digital Content NewFronts event yesterday afternoon in NYC, PBS Digital Studios unveiled its slate of new original programming, adding four shows to its already impressive list of 30+ programs on YouTube. We’re happy to announce that of the four new shows, we produced two of them for PBS — both of which went live just as […]

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  • How to Caption YouTube Videos: VidiSEO with Matt Ballek

    On this episode of VidiSEO, Magnet’s Director of Strategic Distribution tells How to Caption YouTube Videos. As always, Matt mixes humor and lightheartedness with effective and implementable tips that will help take your YouTube content and channel to a higher level. Captioning your YouTube videos makes them more accessible for the hearing impaired, and also makes the […]

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  • Understanding Analytics + Benchmarking Success: Presented by VideoInk, BigScreen LittleScreen, and Magnet Media

    Join us next Thursday, April 24th for the next installment of VideoInk Chats co-presented and hosted by Magnet Media and BigScreen LittleScreen. Get your ticket now for a night of drinks (open bar!), food, screenings, and great conversation on the topic of Understanding Analytics + Benchmarking Success – Which metrics matter? Following a screening of […]

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  • 8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube: VidiSEO with Matt Ballek

    On this informative video from Matt Ballek’s YouTube channel VidiSEO, he hands the reigns over to Tim Schmoyer at ReelSEO, who delivers the 8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube. These helpful tips can be applied to brands large and small, and will help give your branding cohesiveness, professionalism, and perhaps most important: searchability. Have […]

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