• SXSW In Review: Creating Content for a Multi-Platform Universe

    As a first timer at SxSW I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I arrived in Austin. Surprisingly enough, I found a lot of very well-respected innovators in both the digital media and tech industries addressing the same concerns many brands and media companies are experiencing today.

    At most panels I attended and conversations I had with peers, it seemed as if multi-platform content distribution was the overarching topic of discussion; More specifically, Snapchat was on everyone’s mind. The fact that there is a platform out there that is delivering 8 billion video views a day and is almost exclusively reaching generation z and y is game-changing for the digital media industry.

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  • Snapchat Leaks, ‘Walking Dead’ Premiere, & Facebook’s Egg-Freezing: Magnet Labs Podcast No. 57

    Tune in to this week’s Magnet Labs podcast episode 57, on which the team talks about what’s new in digital, social, and entertainment media news. This week, our chosen stories covered a wide range of topics: from leaked photos on Snapchat, to Walking Dead’s intense (and growing) popularity, to Facebook’s new plan to offer egg-freezing for female […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 51: Amazon Buys Twitch, Instagram’s Hyperlapse, & More!

    On this week’s Magnet Labs Podcast, we come to you through both audio and video for the second straight week. Ryan, RJ, and myself sat down to talk about Facebook’s new click bait rule, Amazon buying Twitch for a billion dollars, and about Amazon’s thus fair failed attempt at breaking into the phone business. We also touched on […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 50 – Now With Video! : Facebook’s (Confusing) Algorithm, NFL On Apple TV, The Emmys, & More!

    The Magnet Labs Podcast just wrapped episode FIFTY! We celebrated the milestone by recording the episode (with a camera!) via Google+ Hangout — it’s embedded below, under the audio. From here on out, instead of just audio, you’ll be able to watch us chat it out. And our goal is to soon broadcast each podcast live through Hangouts so that […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 47: The Simpsons On FXX, Facebook’s “Mentions”, & More!

    Are you a Simpsons fan? If you can’t get enough Bart, Homer, and Marge on American TV’s longest running program, you’ll enjoy this week’s Magnet Labs Podcast, on which we discuss FXX’s acquisition of the show’s off-network rights and the incredible online distribution plan in motion for this massive content collection. “The Simpsons won’t be making a quiet entrance […]

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  • New Episodes: Magnet Media Originals’ ‘Bongo Bongo’ and ‘Food Buzz’ for PBS

    Enjoy new episodes of our Magnet Media Originals shows for PBS Digital Studios, which continue to roll out on a weekly basis. This week on Bongo Bongo, host Ethan Fixell takes a close look at a word most of us hear every day of our digitally-focused lives: link. What’s the origin, what’s the history, and what are the ways […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 42: Twitter Hashtags w/ Videos, Netflix’s Glitch, and More!

    For the second week in a row, we bring you a Magnet Labs podcast recorded during the AM hours — coffees in hand, minds fresh and yet untainted by the day’s tasks and activities ahead. We talked about Twitter hashtags, and how they might soon come complete with included videos;  about the possible beginning of the Facebook vs. […]

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  • Magnet Media Labs Podcast No. 41: Swarm by Foursquare, A Young Mark Zuckerberg, and More!

    We recorded this week’s podcast in the morning, so it was sponsored by a variety of coffees instead of the usual short list of beers. We started our day with caffeine and discussion on the latest in social and digital news around the web. First, a TechCrunch piece called Foursquare’s Swarm and the Rise of […]

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  • Magnet Media Labs Podcast (Double Feature!) : Episodes No. 38 and 39

    Pardon the Podcast delay, loyal (or perhaps, brand new) listeners! We’re back in action today with two episodes to make up for the time lost. Because it’s a double feature, we cover an even wider variety of topics than usual. During episode 38, we talk about Google Glass’s availability for public purchase (for one day only!), Facebook’s […]

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  • How to Use Google+ on YouTube :: ScreenShare with Matt Ballek (video)

    On this month’s episode of ScreenShare, with our Director of Strategic Distribution Matt Ballek, he talks about the once purported “Facebook Killer,” Google+. Even though the social network never lived up to its early hype, it’s still worth your time as a content creator, especially as it pertains to YouTube. Google+ has more than 400 million active […]

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