• Magnet Media Wins W3 Award For Live Google+ Hangout Production For Toyota 4Runner

    We’re pleased to announce our Silver Award win as part of the 2014 W3 Awards, which honor the best in websites, online marketing, mobile sites/apps, web video, and social media. Our “Keep It Wild” Google+ Hangout On Air for Toyota 4Runner won within the Web Video: Events and Live Broadcasts category, which is judged based on […]

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  • Tip Sheet: Using Video At Every Step Of The Customer Journey

    Yesterday we co-hosted a webinar with the awesome folks over at Vidyard, about Using Video at Every Step of the Customer Journey. Our Director of Marketing Ryan Swearingen, alongside Vidyard’s Director of Demand Generation Joe Gelata, presented insights and provided examples about how the versatile online video medium can help you increase brand awareness, turn that awareness into consideration […]

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  • Maker Camp Field Trip Series: Visit Google, Cartoon Network, LEGO HQ, & More (Google+ Hangout Production)

    A bunch of projects sent members of our production team traveling far and wide this summer, to film and produce videos for brands — quite literally — around the world. Make and Google in particular had Senior Producer John Santora jet-setting from cool location to cool location on a weekly basis during a two-month stretch to produce live Google+ Hangouts […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 50 – Now With Video! : Facebook’s (Confusing) Algorithm, NFL On Apple TV, The Emmys, & More!

    The Magnet Labs Podcast just wrapped episode FIFTY! We celebrated the milestone by recording the episode (with a camera!) via Google+ Hangout — it’s embedded below, under the audio. From here on out, instead of just audio, you’ll be able to watch us chat it out. And our goal is to soon broadcast each podcast live through Hangouts so that […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 43: Yahoo vs. YouTube, Self-Driving Cars, iCloud, and More!

    There’s no denying YouTube is a social video giant. The giant of giants, actually. But that market dominance isn’t stopping Yahoo! from trying to compete. According to an article on Digital Trends, “To truly combat YouTube, Yahoo needed to make its platform more appealing a creator-friendly. According to those familiar with the company’s plans, Yahoo will […]

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  • Tech Industry 2014: Mary Meeker’s Latest Web Trends Report

    As Forbes puts it, “Every year, the entire technology industry stops whatever it’s doing for an hour to hear what influential analyst Mary Meeker thinks are the most important trends playing out on the internet.” If you haven’t already taken it in, your hour is now, as her latest report on the state of the web and internet trends is […]

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  • How to Use Google+ on YouTube :: ScreenShare with Matt Ballek (video)

    On this month’s episode of ScreenShare, with our Director of Strategic Distribution Matt Ballek, he talks about the once purported “Facebook Killer,” Google+. Even though the social network never lived up to its early hype, it’s still worth your time as a content creator, especially as it pertains to YouTube. Google+ has more than 400 million active […]

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  • ‘Keep It Wild’ Live Google+ Hangout for the New Toyota 4Runner (Case Study)

    Toyota wanted a live Google+ Hangout On Air to showcase its newest 4Runner model. In order to do so, Magnet produced a live event to send the car off-roading through the uneven terrain of the California desert, while answering audience questions live and responding to each not with words, but by showcasing the car’s capabilities. […]

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  • SXSW Insights: Magnet CEO Megan Cunningham on Cultural Trends and Technology

    South by Southwest Interactive has come and gone, and with it another year of showcased tech innovations and fascinating presentations has wrapped in Austin, Texas. Our CEO Megan Cunningham was able to fly down south to attend the 4-day conference, and came back to NYC with an excited, fresh perspective on technology’s ever-growing relationship to […]

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  • Learn “How to Increase Viewer Watch Time on YouTube” On Matt Ballek’s VidiSEO Channel

    Matt Ballek, our Director of Strategic Distribution (and in-house video SEO expert) has his own YouTube channel called VidiSEO, on which he creatively expounds upon the value of search engine optimization and all things YouTube. It’s an awesome channel, full of thought provocation and practical, implementable tips wrapped up in Matt’s lighthearted approach to web […]

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