• New Video! Episode #1 of The Strategic Marketer: Millennials & Finance (+ Infographic)

    College-educated Millennials graduated into a stormy marketplace, brimming with recession side effects like minimal job prospects and hefty amounts of debt. In our new video series, The Strategic Marketer, we talk with financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, about what these young professionals face and how they can start to overcome the challenging financial hurdles getting […]

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  • Infographic: The Modern Marketer – Part Artist, Part Scientist

    Leading up to our NewCo NY content session tomorrow afternoon, the hot topic around the office is how data and analytics can and should inform the creative storytelling process. This goes hand-in-hand with the infographic below, which breaks down the modern marketer, detailing how he or she needs to be part artist, part scientist in […]

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  • Netflix & HBO: How Do They Fund Original Content Creation? (Infographic)

    How much do you think one episode of Orange is the New Black costs to make? If you guessed $4 million, you’d be right. Yes, $4 million. This infographic from Great Business Schools details The Economics of Netflix, using HBO’s financial approach to original content creation as a running point of comparison. As summarized by Lost […]

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  • “AHA!” Moments: How Famous Artists/Inventors Chose What To Do With Their Lives (Infographic)

    The founder of WhatsApp couldn’t afford to call his dad in Ukraine. The founder of Red Bull had jet lag in Thailand and tried a local energy enhancer. The founder of GoPro went surfing and couldn’t take pictures of himself riding the waves. So many “Aha!” moments stem from regular, daily occurrences, which then spark […]

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  • YouTube Around The World: Where Do Views Come From? (Infographic)

    These stats might surprise you: 80% of YouTube traffic comes from viewers outside the United States, and 60% of viewers live in countries where English isn’t the primary language. This infographic from YTD explains where in the world all these views are coming from. The most avid YouTubers are in Saudi Arabia, where there are an average of […]

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  • The Modern Marketer: Blending Art And Science (Infographic)

    This infographic from Eloqua takes you through the history of the marketing profession, from the door-to-door salesman — who expounded the merits of his/her brand and product face-to-face on consumer turf — to the print ad pro, the radio/TV pitchman, the direct marketer, the digital marketer, and finally, to the modern marketer. What sets this modern marketer apart from the rest? […]

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  • Engage Your Audience. Build Brand Authority. (You Need Video To Do These Things.)

    Here’s an unsurprising fact: we love video and think it’s really important for your branding and growth. Of course, it’s important to enhance these feelings and beliefs with compelling data and statistics. So here you go! This infographic from Visually helps to quickly digest some of the many important (and growing) stats illuminating web video’s direct connection and importance […]

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  • The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager (Infographic by Socialcast)

    Do you ever wonder what it really means to be a social media manager? What are the daily responsibilities, expectations, and tasks of those who act as social voices for brands large and small? Socialcast came up with this helpful infographic exemplifying its included description that “in order to be a successful [social manager], he or she must take […]

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  • Online Videos: Millennials are Spending More Time Watching (Infographic)

    A new infographic from Videology Group reports that 34% of millennials are now tuning into more online video than broadcasted shows. And compared to just two years ago, those in the 18-24 age range are watching an average of three fewer hours of TV per week. As reported by AdWeek, “Videology CEO Scott Ferber said with […]

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  • Tip Sheet: 5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Content Marketing

    Content marketing attracts customers by creating valuable content to engage with target audiences, earn trust and credibility, and build brand loyalty. For this tip sheet, we’ve come up with 5 suggested ways to jumpstart your content marketing campaign based on things we’ve found valuable to our own B2B and B2C relationships. So here are 5 types […]

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