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  • How to Use Google+ on YouTube :: ScreenShare with Matt Ballek (video)

    On this month’s episode of ScreenShare, with our Director of Strategic Distribution Matt Ballek, he talks about the once purported “Facebook Killer,” Google+. Even though the social network never lived up to its early hype, it’s still worth your time as a content creator, especially as it pertains to YouTube. Google+ has more than 400 million active […]

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  • How to Caption YouTube Videos: VidiSEO with Matt Ballek

    On this episode of VidiSEO, Magnet’s Director of Strategic Distribution tells How to Caption YouTube Videos. As always, Matt mixes humor and lightheartedness with effective and implementable tips that will help take your YouTube content and channel to a higher level. Captioning your YouTube videos makes them more accessible for the hearing impaired, and also makes the […]

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  • 8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube: VidiSEO with Matt Ballek

    On this informative video from Matt Ballek’s YouTube channel VidiSEO, he hands the reigns over to Tim Schmoyer at ReelSEO, who delivers the 8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube. These helpful tips can be applied to brands large and small, and will help give your branding cohesiveness, professionalism, and perhaps most important: searchability. Have […]

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  • VidiSEO: How to Create a YouTube Content Calendar

    On this episode from Matt Ballek’s VidiSEO YouTube channel, he tackles a subject similar to the one Amy Schmittauer did in her most recent Magnet Minute: How to Create a YouTube Content Calendar. He talks about the importance of creating a calendar in order to meet content creation goals, in order to meet established audience expectations, […]

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  • VidiSEO with Matt Ballek: How to Edit Your YouTube Channel

    Last week, we introduced you to VidiSEO, the highly entertaining YouTube channel created by our Director of Strategic Distribution and SEO expert Matt Ballek. This week, we’re giving you another dose with this useful episode on How to Edit Your YouTube Channel (below). In the video, Matt goes into detail about channel art (images sized […]

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  • Learn “How to Increase Viewer Watch Time on YouTube” On Matt Ballek’s VidiSEO Channel

    Matt Ballek, our Director of Strategic Distribution (and in-house video SEO expert) has his own YouTube channel called VidiSEO, on which he creatively expounds upon the value of search engine optimization and all things YouTube. It’s an awesome channel, full of thought provocation and practical, implementable tips wrapped up in Matt’s lighthearted approach to web […]

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  • Video SEO: Magnet’s Matt Ballek Presents In California and Seattle Oct. 14-16

    Matt Ballek, our Director of Strategic Distribution Services, is a man on the move this month! After presenting on Video SEO at the recent Search Marketing Expo in NYC (Matt is based in Chicago), he’ll be heading out west for three more speaking engagements, to share his SEO and Optimization expertise with the left coast. […]

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  • Matt Ballek Presents on YouTube Optimization at 2013 Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

    You may recall that, very recently, we hosted a webinar given by our Director of Strategic Distribution Services Matt Ballek. Being our resident video SEO expert, he talked about optimizing YouTube content to ensure that your audience not only finds and views your videos, but that they also engage with them by commenting, liking and sharing. […]

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  • Webinar With Matt Ballek: Are You Optimizing For YouTube?

    During our live webinar yesterday with Matt Ballek, (Director of Strategic Distribution Services and resident Video SEO expert), attendees got the lowdown on YouTube optimization. Focusing on why views no longer equal success on YouTube, the meaningful measurements for success on YouTube and how to find them, and how to structure your content for YouTube […]

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  • The Magnet Take: MCNs Are In Trouble; YouTube Is Not

    Business Insider recently published an article titled The Current YouTube Economy And ‘New Hollywood’ Are In Peril, about the increasing tension between multi-channel networks (MCNs, which house their content on YouTube) and YouTube itself. This stems from YouTube’s 45% / 55% ad revenue sharing deal with content creators, which some claim isn’t a fair shake. […]

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