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  • 50 Birds, 50 States: A New Magnet-Produced Original Series For Nat Geo Kids

    We recently produced a new original, animated series for National Geographic Kids’ digital properties. Called 50 Birds, 50 States, the series was just named a finalist in the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards in the category of Interstitial Series. This fun, energetic series follows Barry the Bald Eagle, America’s national bird, as he soars from coast to […]

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  • Kino MacGregor Takes a Yogi’s Tour of SF in New Series ‘Stop Drop & Yoga’

    Sometimes you just need to center yourself again. International yoga instructor, author, and YouTube/social media sensation Kino MacGregor demonstrates how to do just that in her new, original web series Stop Drop & Yoga, now available to stream on Scripps uLive. Part travel series, part yoga series, this first installment follows Kino as she travels around San Francisco, […]

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  • Amazon’s ‘Transparent’, YouTube MCNs, & More: Magnet Labs Podcast No. 56

    It seems as though Amazon may be having it’s “Netflix moment“, as The Verge put it in an article published yesterday announcing the renewal of its hit original series Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambor. We discussed its success and what it means for Amazon, as well as what it means for competition in the original online series […]

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  • New Episodes Of PBS ‘Bongo Bongo’: Origins Of Human Language & The Word ‘Creep’

    In the past couple weeks, there have been two great, knowledge-heavy episodes of our originals series for PBS Digital Studios, Bongo Bongo.  Rather than focusing on a single word, as usual, this week’s episode focuses on a huge, hotly disputed topic with multiple theories: the origins of language. “Human language has come a long way from grunts, groans, and pointing. […]

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  • Explore Popular Words On New Episodes Of PBS Digital Studios’ ‘Bongo Bongo’

    In the past few weeks, our original series Bongo Bongo tackled Fire, Brilliant, and Swag, three words you hear all the time but probably don’t know much about in terms of origins and historical use. Host Ethan Fixell dives deep into the word waters to surface interesting tidbits about each. Watch the most recent episodes below, see every episode […]

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  • Sluuuuuuuuurrrr – Watch This Week’s Episode Of ‘Bongo Bongo’

    Watch this week’s brand new episode of Bongo Bongo, our original series for PBS Digital Studios, which explores the etymology of a new word each week. This time around, host Ethan Fixell takes us on a historical journey with the loaded word “slur.” The official episode description is as follows: “Slur, it’s not just the weird combination […]

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  • Latest Episodes of our Magnet Media Originals Show, PBS “Bongo Bongo”

    It’s Friday! Have some fun — and learn something while you’re at it. Check out two episodes of our original YouTube series for PBS Digital Studios. On Bongo Bongo, learn all about the word STUCK: —– And what about the word YANKEE? Where did it come from? What does it mean? More here: Any thoughts on the […]

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  • Dear Buddha: Sound Healing – Can It Lead to More Positivity in Your Life?

    On this episode of Dear Buddha, our Magnet Media Originals series created for Scripps Networks Interactive’s ulive, host and comedian Carey Reilly tries out healing through sound therapy with seasoned practitioner Roger Ansanelli. After an initial evaluation, he tells her she needs to be more kind to herself, and by “tapping into the vibrations of the frequencies of the […]

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  • Dear Buddha: How a Horse Named Buddha Can Help You Let Go and Live in the Moment

    Our Magnet Media Originals division produced a new original series for Scripps Networks Interactive‘s ulive. Called Dear Buddha, the show explores alternative therapies through the eyes of comedian and host Carey Reilly, who’s searching for peace and heightened focus in the midst of her busy life. On this episode, she gives equine-assisted therapy a try, […]

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  • Magnet Media Originals’ “Soccer Academy” Nominated For Best Documentary Series By IAWTV

    The Magnet Media Originals YouTube series Soccer Academy has been nominated for Best Documentary Series by the International Academy of Web Television. The academy’s annual awards ceremony will be held on January 7 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and will celebrate the best of 2013’s digital entertainment. We’re excited and honored to be included in […]

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