• How to Caption YouTube Videos: VidiSEO with Matt Ballek

    On this episode of VidiSEO, Magnet’s Director of Strategic Distribution tells How to Caption YouTube Videos. As always, Matt mixes humor and lightheartedness with effective and implementable tips that will help take your YouTube content and channel to a higher level. Captioning your YouTube videos makes them more accessible for the hearing impaired, and also makes the […]

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  • VidiSEO: How to Create a YouTube Content Calendar

    On this episode from Matt Ballek’s VidiSEO YouTube channel, he tackles a subject similar to the one Amy Schmittauer did in her most recent Magnet Minute: How to Create a YouTube Content Calendar. He talks about the importance of creating a calendar in order to meet content creation goals, in order to meet established audience expectations, […]

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  • Best Practices for Deeper Engagement in Video Content Marketing (an eMarketer Report)

    A recent eMarketer report titled Video Content Marketing: 20 Best Practices for Deeper Engagement summarizes its purpose as follows: “With digital video viewership on the rise, video content marketing is an increasingly popular tactic used by brands and agencies to bypass the clutter of the digital space and reach their target audiences. The 20 best practices in this report […]

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  • VidiSEO with Matt Ballek: How to Edit Your YouTube Channel

    Last week, we introduced you to VidiSEO, the highly entertaining YouTube channel created by our Director of Strategic Distribution and SEO expert Matt Ballek. This week, we’re giving you another dose with this useful episode on How to Edit Your YouTube Channel (below). In the video, Matt goes into detail about channel art (images sized […]

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  • Learn “How to Increase Viewer Watch Time on YouTube” On Matt Ballek’s VidiSEO Channel

    Matt Ballek, our Director of Strategic Distribution (and in-house video SEO expert) has his own YouTube channel called VidiSEO, on which he creatively expounds upon the value of search engine optimization and all things YouTube. It’s an awesome channel, full of thought provocation and practical, implementable tips wrapped up in Matt’s lighthearted approach to web […]

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  • Tip Sheet: 5 Content Marketing Tips For CMOs In 2014

    In a recent Q&A thread on LinkedIn’s CMO Network page, Chief Marketing Officers from various companies and across multiple industries volunteered answers to the questions: “What do you think will be the main CMO pain points for 2014? What topics will keep them up at night?” Finding it very interesting and illuminating, we identified the […]

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  • Tip Sheet: 5 SEO Tips For Optimizing Your YouTube Video

    There are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. One-hundred-hours-every-minute! Amidst that deluge of video, how do ensure your content reaches your target audience? It’s a challenge, but there are best practices that can help increase your video’s chance of being discovered and engaged with by your ideal target audience. In her recent […]

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  • Video Optimization: Maximize Your Reach With SEO Expert Matt Ballek

    With the amount of existing online videos, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure yours get seen by your intended audience. Matt Ballek, who leads our Video Optimization efforts and is an expert in the field, has been speaking on the topic of Video Search Engine Optimization from coast to coast recently, giving  presentations at conferences and […]

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  • Video SEO: Magnet’s Matt Ballek Presents In California and Seattle Oct. 14-16

    Matt Ballek, our Director of Strategic Distribution Services, is a man on the move this month! After presenting on Video SEO at the recent Search Marketing Expo in NYC (Matt is based in Chicago), he’ll be heading out west for three more speaking engagements, to share his SEO and Optimization expertise with the left coast. […]

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  • LIVE Webinar Next Tuesday! Are You Optimizing for Engagement on YouTube?

    The facts are the facts. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Amongst that content influx, how can you ensure that your brand’s content isn’t lost in the video shuffle? In our free webinar, leading Video SEO expert (and our very own Director of Strategic Distribution Services) Matt Ballek shares insights and strategies for increasing discoverability […]

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