• 50 Birds, 50 States: A New Magnet-Produced Original Series For Nat Geo Kids

    We recently produced a new original, animated series for National Geographic Kids’ digital properties. Called 50 Birds, 50 States, the series was just named a finalist in the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards in the category of Interstitial Series. This fun, energetic series follows Barry the Bald Eagle, America’s national bird, as he soars from coast to […]

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  • #GoodThings With Martha Stewart (New Episodes Until Christmas!)

      Don’t forget to check Martha Stewart’s site and YouTube channel today and in the days leading up to Christmas for last-second tips and tricks that will help take your holiday hosting to the next level. On the latest episode of #GoodThings, Martha shares how to make Hazelnut Chocolate Cups (yum). Check out the full playlist below — and […]

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  • New Video! Episode #1 of The Strategic Marketer: Millennials & Finance (+ Infographic)

    College-educated Millennials graduated into a stormy marketplace, brimming with recession side effects like minimal job prospects and hefty amounts of debt. In our new video series, The Strategic Marketer, we talk with financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, about what these young professionals face and how they can start to overcome the challenging financial hurdles getting […]

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  • Maker Camp Field Trip Series: Visit Google, Cartoon Network, LEGO HQ, & More (Google+ Hangout Production)

    A bunch of projects sent members of our production team traveling far and wide this summer, to film and produce videos for brands — quite literally — around the world. Make and Google in particular had Senior Producer John Santora jet-setting from cool location to cool location on a weekly basis during a two-month stretch to produce live Google+ Hangouts […]

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  • Sluuuuuuuuurrrr – Watch This Week’s Episode Of ‘Bongo Bongo’

    Watch this week’s brand new episode of Bongo Bongo, our original series for PBS Digital Studios, which explores the etymology of a new word each week. This time around, host Ethan Fixell takes us on a historical journey with the loaded word “slur.” The official episode description is as follows: “Slur, it’s not just the weird combination […]

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  • TROLLS! On This Week’s “Bongo Bongo” For PBS Digital Studios

    Ever been trolled on the internet? Did you have a collection of troll dolls? (I did and I’m not ashamed to admit it.) Learn everything there is to know about the word “troll” on this week’s fun and informative episode of Bongo Bongo, our original series for PBS Digital Studios. Host Ethan Fixell takes the word all […]

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  • Dear Buddha Episode 4: Hypnotherapy Through the Unconscious Mind

    For the past four Tuesdays, we’ve featured episodes of the equal parts hilarious and informative series Dear Buddha, a Magnet Media Originals production for Scripps Networks Interactive’s ulive that explores alternative therapies through the eyes of host and comedian Carey Reilly. Today’s episode features Reilly as she attends a hypnotherapy session, addressing the question. Though she takes her signature […]

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  • Dear Buddha Episode 3: Body Stress Release – The Healing Power of Touch

    On this episode of Dear Buddha, host and comedian Carey Reilly sees a body stress release specialist to explore the healing power of touch to soothe and release tension that’s been built-up and locked in her muscles. Reilly also happens to find the specialist attractive, and thus hilarity ensues as she goes to his apartment for what she describes as a “massage.” WATCH […]

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  • Dear Buddha: Sound Healing – Can It Lead to More Positivity in Your Life?

    On this episode of Dear Buddha, our Magnet Media Originals series created for Scripps Networks Interactive’s ulive, host and comedian Carey Reilly tries out healing through sound therapy with seasoned practitioner Roger Ansanelli. After an initial evaluation, he tells her she needs to be more kind to herself, and by “tapping into the vibrations of the frequencies of the […]

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  • New Episodes: Magnet Media Originals’ ‘Bongo Bongo’ and ‘Food Buzz’ for PBS

    Enjoy new episodes of our Magnet Media Originals shows for PBS Digital Studios, which continue to roll out on a weekly basis. This week on Bongo Bongo, host Ethan Fixell takes a close look at a word most of us hear every day of our digitally-focused lives: link. What’s the origin, what’s the history, and what are the ways […]

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