• VidCon 2015: Top 10 Online Video Influencer Trends

    VidCon began just 5 years ago and hosted a respectable but small crowd of 1,400 attendees. By the time the Anaheim Convention Center opened its doors for this year’s conference, that total had grown to 18,000 attendees, many of them enthusiastic fans of the headlining online video creators. The conference is, in large part, designed for these fans, to provide them […]

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  • As Retirement Crisis Looms, Video Plays Increasing Role In Savings Messaging

    Retirement is at once a beautiful thing to consider (think: days off, no work-related stress or deadlines, time to read for pleasure), and a daunting notion (think: pressure of earn more, save more, now, now, now). The looming “retirement crisis” does nothing to calm anxiety related to the latter. Reports on that — including the […]

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  • Top 10 Video Industry Trends – Winter 2014

    Alongside our friends at CakeWorks, we co-hosted Digital Video Zen here last week, an event that brought together video industry leaders for two panels on the hot topics of video distribution and monetization. In between panels, guests took part in discussion about high-level solutions and approaches to industry challenges. We offered this list of Top 10 Video Industry Trends as […]

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  • New Episodes: Magnet Media Originals’ ‘Bongo Bongo’ and ‘Food Buzz’ for PBS

    Enjoy new episodes of our Magnet Media Originals shows for PBS Digital Studios, which continue to roll out on a weekly basis. This week on Bongo Bongo, host Ethan Fixell takes a close look at a word most of us hear every day of our digitally-focused lives: link. What’s the origin, what’s the history, and what are the ways […]

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  • Episode 3: Magnet Media Originals’ PBS Shows ‘Food Buzz’ and ‘Bongo Bongo’

    Weekly episodes of Magnet Media Originals‘ two shows for PBS Digital Studios continue rolling out. Third installments of both Bongo Bongo and Food Buzz went up on YouTube this week, and we’ve included them here for your viewing pleasure and entertainment as you navigate the web on this Friday afternoon. On Bongo Bongo, host Ethan Fixell […]

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  • SXSW Insights: Magnet CEO Megan Cunningham on Cultural Trends and Technology

    South by Southwest Interactive has come and gone, and with it another year of showcased tech innovations and fascinating presentations has wrapped in Austin, Texas. Our CEO Megan Cunningham was able to fly down south to attend the 4-day conference, and came back to NYC with an excited, fresh perspective on technology’s ever-growing relationship to […]

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  • Wearable Tech: The Trend That Keeps On Growing

    Wearable tech now seems to be in the news constantly, especially since the recent Consumer Electronics Show, at which this tech trend emerged as star. And this week has been no exception. A company called CuffLinc entered the game with wearable tech geared toward a female demographic eager for pieces more aesthetically pleasing than the […]

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