• SXSW In Review: Creating Content for a Multi-Platform Universe

    As a first timer at SxSW I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I arrived in Austin. Surprisingly enough, I found a lot of very well-respected innovators in both the digital media and tech industries addressing the same concerns many brands and media companies are experiencing today.

    At most panels I attended and conversations I had with peers, it seemed as if multi-platform content distribution was the overarching topic of discussion; More specifically, Snapchat was on everyone’s mind. The fact that there is a platform out there that is delivering 8 billion video views a day and is almost exclusively reaching generation z and y is game-changing for the digital media industry.

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  • #DearMe: The Women of Magnet Media Celebrate International Women’s Day [VIDEO]

    International Women’s Day is coming up on Sunday, and is dual part call-to-action and celebration. By definition, it’s “a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.” That future part is key, because it’s a day of looking back, but also one of thinking ahead and moving forward. This […]

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  • Inside the Magnet Media Production Studio: Green Screen & Visual Effects

    With a green screen, it’s possible to appear as if you’re anywhere, at any time; it gives you a certain freedom to get creative with special effects and visuals. For a recent project with financial services company Bankrate, we filmed influential financial editor, author, and speaker Jean Chatzky in our NYC studio with the screen behind her. Our […]

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  • Fresh Competition: Jason Kilar Launching Online Video Service, Vessel

    Jason Kilar, former Hulu CEO, is up to something new and potentially huge. His latest venture is Vessel, an online video service that’s now open as an invite-only beta, but could be open to the public at large as early as March. Depending on your point of view, Kilar could be trying to compete with YouTube’s dominance […]

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  • As Retirement Crisis Looms, Video Plays Increasing Role In Savings Messaging

    Retirement is at once a beautiful thing to consider (think: days off, no work-related stress or deadlines, time to read for pleasure), and a daunting notion (think: pressure of earn more, save more, now, now, now). The looming “retirement crisis” does nothing to calm anxiety related to the latter. Reports on that — including the […]

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  • In the Magnet Media Production Studio: What’s Been Happening Lately?

    Science labs for puppets, holiday sing-a-longs, branded beer Vines — it’s been a busy year in our in-office studio. We moved to our current location nearly two years ago now. Time’s passed quickly and has been filled with a variety of video projects we’re proud of — many of which were shot right here in studio. Within the past […]

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  • Financial Content (w/ Farnoosh Torabi): The Strategic Marketer Episode #3

    On the third installment of The Strategic Marketer, our interview series featuring financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, we tackle the topic of financial content and the importance of reaching consumers with information they need about managing money. What are the best ways to get their attention? Contently recently released a free e-book on the […]

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  • What We’ve Been Up To Lately: Check Out Our New Capabilities Reel

    It was time for a refresher, so our talented editors put together a new reel of our recent work. We’re happy with how it turned out and want to share it with you. Please take a look, and if you want to learn more about any of our services, see here — and never hesitate to reach out through the […]

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  • Magnet Media’s New Director Of Business Development, Rachel Steinberg

    Rachel Steinberg joins our team as Director of Business Development, and we’re really excited about it! From West Philadelphia, born and raised (had to say it), she moved to New York City to attend college at NYU in 2003 and has been in the city ever since. Most recently, she was Business Development Manager at Meredith, […]

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  • Magnet Media & Vidyard Present: ‘Using Video At Every Step Of The Customer Journey’ Webinar 9/25

    You’ve likely heard about and understand the power that video has in building a brand’s credibility, demonstrating expertise, and educating audiences. It’s not lost on you — your brand needs video. The remaining challenge is to create the right videos for your audience. Ones that engage them with the right messages at the right times, in order to […]

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