• Video Series: #GoodThings Holiday Special With Martha Stewart

    We launched an exciting project this week — deployment of one video per day from November 10th through Christmas Eve for the Martha Stewart website and YouTube channel. Each holiday-themed video shows Martha in her element, providing quick, insider tips and tricks for the creation of inventive (but accomplishable) seasonal foods, drinks, and crafts. Check […]

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  • New Video! Episode #1 of The Strategic Marketer: Millennials & Finance (+ Infographic)

    College-educated Millennials graduated into a stormy marketplace, brimming with recession side effects like minimal job prospects and hefty amounts of debt. In our new video series, The Strategic Marketer, we talk with financial services expert and best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, about what these young professionals face and how they can start to overcome the challenging financial hurdles getting […]

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  • Case Study: Live-Action Video Production For Microsoft’s Power BI

    Recently, we did some work for Microsoft’s Power BI for Excel data visualization software, which is built into its larger Office 365 offering. Microsoft needed to get the word out about the software, explaining what it can do to make the lives of data scientists and professionals easier. Resulting from a strategic research phase, Magnet developed a suite of […]

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  • Tip Sheet: Using Video At Every Step Of The Customer Journey

    Yesterday we co-hosted a webinar with the awesome folks over at Vidyard, about Using Video at Every Step of the Customer Journey. Our Director of Marketing Ryan Swearingen, alongside Vidyard’s Director of Demand Generation Joe Gelata, presented insights and provided examples about how the versatile online video medium can help you increase brand awareness, turn that awareness into consideration […]

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  • Magnet Media & Vidyard Present: ‘Using Video At Every Step Of The Customer Journey’ Webinar 9/25

    You’ve likely heard about and understand the power that video has in building a brand’s credibility, demonstrating expertise, and educating audiences. It’s not lost on you — your brand needs video. The remaining challenge is to create the right videos for your audience. Ones that engage them with the right messages at the right times, in order to […]

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  • Events This Week: Disruptive Technologists, Mobile Video & Vine (Here @ Magnet), And More!

    We’d love to see you here at Magnet HQ on Wednesday night as VideoInk and Big Screen Little Screen host a discussion on Mobile Video and Vine. It’s an area of interest for us — and likely is for you, too — so come by and hear the experts talk it out while you enjoy some drinks […]

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  • Magnet Labs Podcast No. 50 – Now With Video! : Facebook’s (Confusing) Algorithm, NFL On Apple TV, The Emmys, & More!

    The Magnet Labs Podcast just wrapped episode FIFTY! We celebrated the milestone by recording the episode (with a camera!) via Google+ Hangout — it’s embedded below, under the audio. From here on out, instead of just audio, you’ll be able to watch us chat it out. And our goal is to soon broadcast each podcast live through Hangouts so that […]

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  • Tip Sheet: Engage Your Social Audience With Vine Video

    Vines are bite-sized, looping, full-of-energy social videos that connect with audiences because of their uniqueness and flair. By mastering and deploying compelling Vine videos, your brand can engage with an on-the-go audience in real time, and your presence on that growing social network will go a long way in showcasing your brand’s creativity and personality […]

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  • YouTube Around The World: Where Do Views Come From? (Infographic)

    These stats might surprise you: 80% of YouTube traffic comes from viewers outside the United States, and 60% of viewers live in countries where English isn’t the primary language. This infographic from YTD explains where in the world all these views are coming from. The most avid YouTubers are in Saudi Arabia, where there are an average of […]

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  • Events This Week: Digital Video & The TV Ad Business, Big Ideas For Smart Cities, & More!

    New York City continues to plow through summer, filling it with enough tech, digital, and marketing events to please anyone interested. This week is no exception. Start tonight at the Queens Tech Speaker Series, which features talks from various startup founders with all proceeds going to Coalition for Queens, a non-profit dedicated to fostering technology innovation in the […]

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