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  • Engage Your Audience. Build Brand Authority. (You Need Video To Do These Things.)

    Here’s an unsurprising fact: we love video and think it’s really important for your branding and growth. Of course, it’s important to enhance these feelings and beliefs with compelling data and statistics. So here you go! This infographic from Visually helps to quickly digest some of the many important (and growing) stats illuminating web video’s direct connection and importance […]

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  • Report: “Global B2B Marketers Rate Their Most Effective Social Media Post Types” (Videos Come in 1st)

    According to the Social Media Benchmarking Report from B2B Marketing, “compared to last year, B2B marketers around the world…are focusing their social media efforts more on generating leads and sales and less so on driving traffic and strengthening thought leadership,” reports Marketing Charts. The study asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of a variety of types of social […]

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  • VidiSEO with Matt Ballek: How to Edit Your YouTube Channel

    Last week, we introduced you to VidiSEO, the highly entertaining YouTube channel created by our Director of Strategic Distribution and SEO expert Matt Ballek. This week, we’re giving you another dose with this useful episode on How to Edit Your YouTube Channel (below). In the video, Matt goes into detail about channel art (images sized […]

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  • Case Study: Events-Based Video Production for Advertising Week, NYTVF, and PivotCon

    Three market-leading events serving the media and technology industries in NYC — Advertising Week, New York Television Festival, and Pivot Conference — were looking to capture video to share the spirit and energy of each of their large-scale events. As an official sponsor of all three in 2013, Magnet Media provided video production services for each. For […]

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  • “Is Your Law Firm Ready For Its Close-Up?” How Video Marketing Can Help Your Firm

    In an article on the American Bar Association website, writer Linda Orton, President and Chief Creative Officer of Intelligent Video Solutions, asks the question: “Is Your Law Firm Ready for Its Close-up?” She goes on to write about the value of video marketing, which she calls “a powerful medium to communicate and connect with prospective and current […]

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  • Animated Videos Used To Simplify Complex Ideas (Or To Spice Up Dry Ones)

    When done carefully and thoughtfully, animated video can be used as a marketing tool to explain, simplify, and beautify some complex (and perhaps otherwise dry) ideas and concepts. Sometimes those come in the form of the explainer video. These are short, often animated explanations of a brand’s overall set of goals and/or its mission. According […]

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  • Global Online Video Association (GOVA) Launches; Magnet Media a Founding Member

    “The Web video world is getting its own trade organization: GOVA, the Global Online Video Association – a nonprofit group formed with the primary goal of bringing more advertisers to the medium,” wrote AdWeek in an article published Sunday night. GOVA’s vision is to advance companies that produce and monetize original, digital content, including ones that operate multi-channel […]

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  • Tip Sheet: 5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Content Marketing

    Content marketing attracts customers by creating valuable content to engage with target audiences, earn trust and credibility, and build brand loyalty. For this tip sheet, we’ve come up with 5 suggested ways to jumpstart your content marketing campaign based on things we’ve found valuable to our own B2B and B2C relationships. So here are 5 types […]

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  • Web Originals: Netflix Wins Awards, Branded Series Take Off, And Creatives Have More Freedom

    This past Sunday, Netflix earned its first Golden Globe award as best actress winner Robin Wright took home the statue for her role in its hit original political drama House of Cards. Earlier in the year, Netflix became the first web original outlet to earn Emmy nominations for two of its shows: House of Cards and […]

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  • Tech Industry’s Use Of Video Continues Growth Into 2014

    Remember this hilarious spoof on tech industry marketing videos from College Humor? It came out earlier this year and is worth a view. While it’s definitely funny — and pretty accurate —  its very existence indicates the recent surge in the tech industry turning to video to get the word out about products and services. […]

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