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It’s a bold, inspiring mission that our entire team is dedicated to achieving. And after 20 years of pursuing it, Magnet is more passionate than ever about our role in supporting world-class brand storytelling.

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What we believe

Stories can make the world a more empathetic and just place. As storytellers, we share our vision for a better tomorrow through our creative process and work.

Here are other ways we further our mission.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion

We always strive to have our team and our work represent the broader culture. This means having an intentional focus on including people of color, veterans, the LGBTQ+ community, people from different faiths, cultures, and religions, single parents, and those returning to work after raising children. From junior professionals to experienced talent, all have something to contribute at Magnet.

Walk the talk

At Magnet we view the challenges our clients present from as many viewpoints as we can access, leaning on outside advisors where we may lack perspectives. We regard the opinions of all team members, and practice respect in every interaction, creative debate, and conversation. Each of us endeavor to be representatives of the company and the values we wish to find in the world.


We don't pretend to have all the answers. To be more empathetic storytellers, we realize that we often need the advice and guidance of others. So we admit when we've made a mistake, practice benevolent honesty, agree to try new approaches, support our colleagues, and openly collaborate as a team.

Continuous improvement

We're all imperfect humans, stumbling toward growth. Since day one, continuous improvement has been one of our core values at Magnet. We’re committed to progress, personally, collectively, and culturally. We try to move ahead of the broader industry in thinking through how we represent the needs of our team and our community.

Do your most
fulfilling work

There’s life at work and life outside of work. In today’s remote-work climate, those boundaries can blur.

Positions at Magnet are more than mere “jobs”—they’re a chance to build your career and potential. We want everyone to be healthy and fulfilled by their career opportunities. That means taking the space you need, while making time to come together; driving towards success, while pacing yourself; prioritizing self-care, while making time to give back.

Magnet seeks to provide the support, guidance, prioritization, and resources our team members need to succeed and thrive in work and in life.

Comprehensive health plans

Get coverage for yourself and your dependents.

Creative community gatherings

You're invited to the industry events we host throughout the year.

Paid volunteer time

We're happy you care about causes and we support your involvement.

Learning & development

Grow your career with us through workshops, coaching, and mentorship.

Annual film festival outings

The popcorn and tickets are on us. It's on you to stay inspired!


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