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"Client relationships are at the core of all service businesses, so it can be tempting to answer any request for help. However, we’ve passed on opportunities to work as the PR agency of record, or to help our clients in crisis management situations. Those are both specializations that touch on what we do (brand storytelling) but require slightly different expertise. Focus is key to our success." —Megan Cunningham, Magnet

In this final episode of the Women On The Move Podcast for 2021, host Sam Saperstein sits down with Megan Cunningham, CEO of Magnet Media, the podcast’s production partner. They talk about Megan's journey as a female founder, the impact of COVID-19 on the business, and the power of mentorship, all while discussing some of the wonderful lessons that WOTM guests have shared all year.

Brand Story Inc. is a TeamWorks Media Podcast.Every week, Jay Sharman sits down with smart folks to talk about the innovative ways they are creating content to connect with their audiences. He likes to say “every company is a media company,” and this conversation hopefully helps you understand why.

Megan Cunningham is CEO of Magnet Media, a vertically-organized strategic studio that uses storytelling and data to drive business results. Megan feels the best way to engage customers or clients in meaningful, lasting ways is to tell stories that matter, that touch both head and heart. To accomplish this for Magnet clients, small, nimble SWAT teams (pods) pair an account strategist (head) and a creative lead (heart) along with subject matter experts familiar with a client’s industry and specialists with the capability to deliver on the desired platforms—so each team is customized to meet the client’s business objectives.

For Contently’s second Culture at Work talk, we were joined by Megan Cunningham, CEO and founder of Magnet Media, an award-winning digital video studio and solutions provider.Her conversation with our co-founder Shane Snow centered around creating a supportive and successful work environment, the bumps she and Magnet Media have encountered along the way, and the important lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneurial woman. You can read the highlights of that discussion below, or watch a recording of the full talk here:

Megan Cunningham is the CEO of Magnet Media, a global brand content studio. She speaks on trends in media and marketing –with a specific focus on how data informs the storytelling process to drive measurable impact.Magnet's mission is to tell stories that matter. For the past decade, the team has been dedicated to diversity and inclusion in media and tech. Megan is the author of The Art of the Documentary and was a mentor at The MacArthur Foundation’s Bay Area Video Coalition.

Each week on “Marketing and Beyond,” our host talks to media experts across the country.  This week our host speaks with Megan Cunningham from Magnet Media. To learn more, check out WHAT IS YOUR COMPANY ELEVATOR PITCH WHEN TALKING ABOUT YOUR COMPANY?
We are a brand studio that uses data and storytelling to drive business results.

It’s a been a “long time” since Megan Cunningham and Daniel Chait have had any time to binge watch Netflix together. Planning their weeks as a couple, as parents and as founders and CEOs of their own companies often means a five-way conference call with the two of them, their assistants and their nanny. They also try to coordinate their frequent business trips so that one of them is always around for their 7-year-old son, Jack.

The annual festival where marketers and industry thought leaders gather for five days of inspiration, insights, meetings and talks is finally back as an in person event. The festival is a fantastic way to benchmark your work against the best, network, share ideas and discuss the future of the industry. In this video, produced in partnership with Innovid, a selection of the industry’s finest discuss why they were so pleased to attend this year’s event and share some of their key take-aways.

PBS is expanding its digital-video footprint, announcing four new series bowing on YouTube and other platforms that will join its current lineup of 30-plus original shows.Two of the new shows are launching today on the PBS Digital Studios’ YouTube network, both produced in partnership with Magnet Media: “Bongo Bongo,” about the history of English-language words; and “Food Buzz,” covering the latest news in the food blogosphere and the history, science and psychology behind a variety of food memes.

Megan Cunningham is the Founder and CEO of Magnet Media, an award-winning content marketing solutions provider and next-generation digital video studio. Magnet produces award-winning web video and social media campaigns for many of the largest brands in media, entertainment and technology.

PBS Bongo Bongo is a new web series by Magnet Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios that explores the etymology of words in the English language.The first episode of the series sees host Ethan Fixell looking at the meaning behind the word “rant” in the English language.

AS C.E.O. of a fast-growing company, Magnet Media, I’m really committed to maintaining close relationships with clients. I think that’s key to quality service. Even though we are proponents about the power of digital marketing, there’s still nothing like being in a face-to-face meeting with a client and developing a relationship.

Megan Cunningham is founder/CEO of Magnet Media, Inc., known for its pioneering approach to reaching audiences through compelling storytelling on emerging platforms. She is respected for crafting innovative business models and producing compelling digital content for a number of leading media companies, technology companies and brands.
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