What we do

Humanize technology. Personalize finance. Inspire business.

We're a full-service creative strategy and production studio with media and influencer relationships that help broadcast our work. Our in-house team and global network of talent bring expertise in tech, finance, media, health, and entertainment to each project.


Our team will audit, analyze, plan, and measure your content to reach your target audience and goals. Once we do, we can help you differentiate and define your strategy to achieve a lasting brand narrative.

Video & Photography

Magnet started as a documentary production studio, and we still jump at the chance to work in visual storytelling formats. From internal communications to international broadcasts, we create stunning imagery for powerful messages.


We've produced award-winning, multi-season series for both Fortune 500 clients and fast-moving startups. Our team can craft a professional show bible, source talent to host or feature, and develop a promotion plan to reach devoted listeners.


In person, virtual, or hybrid—our expert events team will engage your community and amplify your presence. We specialize in helping clients utilize the latest technologies for memorable, meaningful experiences.

Social & Influencer Content

From creative concepting to realization, talent management to measuring the results, our unique social campaigns stand out–both in engagement metrics and meaningful brand sentiment and awareness.

Our Process

How we do it

Our cyclical Think/Make/Reach approach has helped global brands elevate their stories and connect with their audience. Through thoughtful planning, promotion, and storytelling, your work will achieve your immediate goals while making a lasting impression.

A love letter to Venice

A nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of art, architecture, and cultural heritage sites in the historical Italian city needed to connect with global supporters.

Viola Davis releases a memoir

HarperCollins publishing imprint HarperOne and Magnet partnered to develop a live virtual event for the release of Viola Davis’s much anticipated memoir, Finding Me.

Stories from Talent Makers

Greenhouse partnered with Magnet to launch a campaign in which thought starters in the hiring space told their “Best & Worst Hiring Stories” on their social platforms of choice.

"Magnet’s attention to detail and creative thinking has positioned us to launch attention-grabbing films showcasing our thought leadership and customer narrative through forward-thinking storytelling."

Danielle Brown

Marketing Manager, Google

"I am so proud of the work we’ve done together. You guys are brilliant and I’ve adored every moment of our partnership."

Mike Gannon

Head of Enterprise Marketing and Client Experience, Equitable

"Thank you for being such awesome partners in creating a story of innovation only SVB can tell. The sizzle has given everyone here the chills, which means the work hit a deep, resonant, emotional chord."

Annette Goodwine

Head of Brand and Advertising, SVB Financial Group

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We're a community of imaginative marketers and strategic storytellers. Throughout the year, we connect top business leaders and global creatives who are interested in mastering the transition from advertising to brand storytelling.

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