IPO Storytelling

Magnet specializes in crafting compelling IPO Roadshow Films and necessary creative assets for companies on the brink of going public. Leveraging our digital video production and strategic marketing expertise, we collaborate closely with the IPO-bound company and their investment bankers to ensure a seamless and persuasive presentation. Our tailored approach highlights your company's strengths, preparing you for a successful public offering with a powerful narrative that resonates with investors.


Our strategic IPO Roadshow production process is designed to fine-tune your narrative and ensure it resonates with the intricacies of investor expectations. This bespoke offering focuses on refining your messaging and market positioning, setting the stage for a compelling and successful roadshow presentation.

IPO Roadshow Film Production

Our IPO Roadshow Film Production solution transforms your company's essence into a compelling visual narrative, tailored to engage and inspire investors. Leveraging cinematic storytelling and strategic insights, we create impactful films highlighting your unique value proposition for a successful public offering.

Case Studies

Explore our portfolio of success stories to see how our IPO Roadshow Film productions have elevated companies like yours on their journey to going public.

"Magnet’s attention to detail and creative thinking has positioned us to launch attention-grabbing films showcasing our thought leadership and customer narrative through forward-thinking storytelling."

Danielle Brown

Marketing Manager, Google

"I am so proud of the work we’ve done together. You guys are brilliant and I’ve adored every moment of our partnership."

Mike Gannon

Head of Enterprise Marketing and Client Experience, Equitable

"Thank you for being such awesome partners in creating a story of innovation only SVB can tell. The sizzle has given everyone here the chills, which means the work hit a deep, resonant, emotional chord."

Annette Goodwine

Head of Brand and Advertising, SVB Financial Group

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