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Pride 2024: Themes From Coast To Coast

From "Reflect & Empower" in NYC to "Power in Pride" in LA, parades celebrate LGBTQ+ rights & resilience. #PrideMonth

In 2024, as in years past, there are various Pride themes across America’s major pride parades. These include L.A’s “Power in Pride” and New York’s “Reflect. Empower. Unite.” among others. Today, we’re going to highlight a few of the ways that these themes have been reflected from coast to coast. 

The theme for Pride in NYC is "Reflect. Empower. Unite. Organizers selected this theme to highlight the importance of the Pride March as the “intersection for Queer liberation and joy,” according to an official press release from nycpride.org. It also leans into the activist roots of what started the movement for LGBTQ+ rights, encouraging “individuals, advocates, community leaders and allies to reflect on the challenges they have overcome together and empowers them to take action in shaping our collective future.”

When speaking about this year’s theme, NYC Pride’s Co-chair said that it was a call to action. And that while reflecting on past triumphs, it was imperative to empower the community and ignite change. Across the city, groups are embracing the theme this month and you can find a few ways here.

Across the country, in Los Angeles, the theme of “Power in Pride” is being championed by Christopher Street West Association (CSW), the nonprofit that has produced the LA pride celebration for 55 years. LA Pride board president Gerald Garth said “Power means the ability to live authentically” when discussing this year’s celebration. Garth reiterated America “continues to face anti-LGBTQ legislation at the local and national levels” and that by coming together, the community can foster power and uplift the community. The LA Pride show is in addition to the parade, which will feature George Takei among this year’s grand marshalls. You can learn more about the show here and the parade here

Regardless of the city, many of the pride themes this year focus on uniting and representation in the face of nationwide anti-LGBTQI+ legislation, nonetheless, they all highlight the importance of celebrating your best and most authentic self. 

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