Executive Business Manager

Gregory Coleman

Greg works with Megan on all matters across the company. He loves video games, writing, and running with his dog in Prospect Park.

Greg is the executive business manager at Magnet. Previously, he has worked as a web editor for online publications, a project manager and capital analyst for the City of New York, and a strategy and operations analyst in the start-up space.

Greg has a background in journalism and design, and four years of experience working within the financial sector. During Greg's time in journalism, he conducted interviews with authors of books about race and American foreign politics. While working in the financial space, Greg guided New York businesses in tax processes, bond financing, and managing the budget for the High Line, while working on various park and hospital projects.

Greg has a Master's degree in journalism and creative publishing, and his bachelor's degree in business economics. In Greg's downtime, he enjoys traveling, playing sports, reading, playing video games, writing, playing guitar,  running, and playing with his dog, Faye.

He believes that we all should find our passion and use it to make the world better for future generations.

If you're interested in speaking with Greg about Magnet, please send a brief message to connect with him.


What can we do for you? A lot.

We tell stories that matter, no matter the medium. Our THINK/MAKE/REACH approach to content combines actionable insights, world-class talent, and scale to make your message heard.


Our team will audit, analyze, plan, and measure your content to reach your target audience and goals. And once we do, we can help you pivot and stretch your strategy to achieve a lasting brand narrative.

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Video & Photography

For twenty years we've specialized in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism. Our talent includes globally recognized filmmakers and artists.

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We've produced award-winning, multi-season series for both Fortune 500 clients and fast-moving startups. Our team can craft a professional show bible, source talent to host or feature, and develop a promotion plan to reach devoted listeners.

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In person, virtual, or hybrid—our expert events team will engage your community and amplify your presence in a memorable way. We specialize in helping clients utilize the latest technologies for memorable, story-driven experiences.

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Social & Influencer Content

Our unique social campaigns stand out–both in engagement metrics and meaningful brand sentiment and awareness.

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IPO Storytelling

Magnet creates top-tier IPO Roadshow Films and creative assets for companies going public, collaborating closely with clients, their bankers, and the listing exchange to convey brands' stories, ensuring successful offerings with powerful narratives.

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