In person, virtual, or hybrid—our expert events team will engage your community and amplify your presence. We specialize in helping clients utilize the latest technologies for memorable, meaningful experiences.

Event Design

Together we'll come up with an event itinerary and source presenters or partners. We can secure any production tools and staff you may need, as well as find a venue to record or host your experience.

Content Production

Leave your content needs to us. We'll develop digital, audio, and video materials to boost attendee engagement and maximize the impact of your presenters.


On the day of your event, we can manage the back and front of house, keeping your event on schedule. Our team can also record and broadcast your event for remote viewers, or record a podcast on location.

"Magnet’s attention to detail and creative thinking has positioned us to launch attention-grabbing films showcasing our thought leadership and customer narrative through forward-thinking storytelling."

Danielle Brown

Marketing Manager, Google

"I am so proud of the work we’ve done together. You guys are brilliant and I’ve adored every moment of our partnership."

Mike Gannon

Head of Enterprise Marketing and Client Experience, Equitable

"Thank you for being such awesome partners in creating a story of innovation only SVB can tell. The sizzle has given everyone here the chills, which means the work hit a deep, resonant, emotional chord."

Annette Goodwine

Head of Brand and Advertising, SVB Financial Group
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