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Tech Storytelling’s New Form: Long-Form

Uncover the power of long-form content for tech brands. Learn how serialized videos and podcasts can tell compelling stories, build trust, and enhance customer engagement.

In today's digital landscape, brands are constantly searching for innovative ways to capture and retain audience attention. One effective strategy that has emerged is the use of the long-form series. By creating serialized content that delves deep into brand stories, products, and values, brands can engage audiences in a more immersive and meaningful way across various channels, including video, podcasts, influencer campaigns, and events.

A Journey Together: Long-Form Video Series

Long-form video allows brands to tell meaningful stories in dramatic, engaging, and informative fashion. Examples include deep dives into complex topics, opportunities to showcase thought leadership, and enhancing customer engagement. Many of the most interesting and cutting-edge tech innovations can be difficult to explain to audiences, especially when what is being described has never been done before. A long-form video series can take its time to explain these topics in a thoughtful and nuanced way. Each segment may highlight a thought leader at the brand, demonstrating complex systems such as AI infrastructure in a natural and conversational manner.

Additionally, long-form video series allow for the building of a brand narrative. A series may highlight the story of transitioning from a scrappy startup to an industry-leading innovator and the brand's journey to getting there. Audiences would not only gain insight into the history of the brand, but it also allows them to form a connection with that history and to engage with the humans behind the brand. Shows such as Netflix’s "Girlboss," based on Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso, use humor to tell her story. Brands can craft different types of long-form series to best communicate their story with their audience, each type providing another way to better connect with the viewer.

Whether it's a documentary-style series that explores the brand's history and values, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a product, or a fictional narrative that brings brand stories to life, long-form video series allow brands to engage audiences in a more immersive and emotional way, driving deeper connections and brand loyalty.

Auditory Engagements: Long-Form Podcast Series

Just as long-form series are invaluable tools in video storytelling, the same applies to podcast storytelling. Podcasts provide an opportunity to engage with audiences on a deeper, more personal level. When brands produce serialized, long-form podcasts, it gives audiences a chance to build a connection with the hosts while conveying information in a widely accessible way. Long-form podcast series can provide continuous industry discussions, communicate brand values, enable thought leadership, and build community.

One highlighted use, communicating brand values, can be extremely useful for brands in numerous ways. From ensuring existing and potential clients that the brand shares their values, to displaying workplace culture for potential employees. As customers expect a trust-based relationship with the businesses they engage with, sharing values can establish vital trust that leads to a long-standing relationship. The impact of these podcasts is magnified when audiences can tell how much care was used to produce the stories being shared. Industry events that recognize podcasts, such as the Financial Communications Society (FCS) awards, help to increase the reach and reputation of these podcasts and the brands behind them. An example of a recent FCS podcast winner was JPMorgan Chase’s "Women On The Move Podcast," which demonstrates their commitment to fueling female ambition and advancing financial equality.

Regardless of whether a brand is looking to communicate values and lead industry discussions or advance thought leadership and build community, long-form podcast series are a powerful tool in establishing bonds with audiences and increasing engagement.

Leveraging Long-Form Content for Deeper Engagement

As marketers work to ensure that their content is relevant to their audience, it is pivotal to also consider the experience of the consumer engaging with that content. Whether through video or podcasts, long-form series allow brands to provide an in-depth, engaging, and meaningful experience to their communities. It is not enough to create content; brands must create content that stands out and resonates with their audiences. Top brands, as well as those aiming for the top, know this and incorporate it into their storytelling as the future of brand storytelling is being written.

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