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Juneteenth 2024: A Brief Journey Across America

Discover Juneteenth celebrations like Brooklyn's "Unveiled," Oregon's "Jubilee," and the National Museum's "Freedom, Movement, and Migration." Embrace freedom and heritage.

As of 2024, Juneteenth has been a national holiday for three years, with numerous celebrations held nationwide. Among them are the 15th annual Juneteenth celebration in Brooklyn, NY, themed "Unveiled: Understanding The Journey From Our Roots"; Central Oregon’s 4th annual Juneteenth Celebration, themed "Jubilee"; and The National Museum of African American History & Culture’s Community Day Celebration, themed "Freedom, Movement, and Migration." Let's explore some highlights from these events.

In New York, the theme "Unveiled: Understanding The Journey From Our Roots" will be celebrated from June 13-19, highlighting various aspects of African American culture and history. This includes recognizing community leaders from New York, a restaurant crawl showcasing culinary gems, and a community festival. The event will culminate on Juneteenth with a virtual summit featuring discussions on a wide range of topics. Across these events, guests will have the opportunity to understand the roots of the community and celebrate together.

In Central Oregon, the two-day event, themed "Jubilee," is rooted in education, entertainment, and fostering a vibrant and safe environment for the community. Jubilee marks a celebration of the emancipation of African Americans, featuring immersive experiences with authentic African, Caribbean, and African American cuisine, art, music, and education. This year’s theme of Jubilee emphasizes fostering connection, understanding, and celebrating shared history with joy, enthusiasm, and jubilation.

The National Museum of African American History & Culture’s Community Day Celebration, themed "Freedom, Movement, and Migration," offers an opportunity to share various historical and cultural experiences. The event features a reading by author Tami Charles, art sessions inspired by artist Horace Pippin, and historical insights into the pivotal role of an all-Black regiment in America’s westward expansion. The celebration is designed to bring guests educational, cultural, and dynamic programs that enrich understanding and honor the legacy of freedom, movement, and migration.

These are just a few of the many Juneteenth celebrations happening across the country. Communities have been celebrating this holiday since the 1800s to reflect on emancipation and the rich, diverse culture of the African Diaspora. Regardless of the theme or city, all celebrations honor emancipation and the histories and cultures that continue to flourish across America.

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