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Storytelling's Role in Your IPO: Insights & Strategies for Marketing Leaders

April 16, 2024 | New York Stock Exchange

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Storytelling's Role in Your IPO: Insights & Strategies for Marketing Leaders
April 16, 2024 8:00 AM
April 16, 2024 12:00 PM
New York Stock Exchange, 11 Wall Street, NYC - Siebert Hall
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As companies gear up for an IPO, they face a host of critical challenges related to marketing, storytelling, and content creation that can greatly influence the outcome of their public debut. We invite you to the 'Storytelling's Role in Your IPO: Insights & Strategies for Marketing Leaders', a collaboration between NYSE and Magnet. This event promises a morning of key insights designed to educate marketers poised for an IPO.

Join us and transform your approach to public debut with strategies and insights from the very best in the business.

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Unlock the secret to a triumphant Initial Public Offering (IPO) with this exclusive opportunity to learn from the masters of the market. Join us for a pivotal event designed specifically for founders and senior marketers hoping to navigate the complex waters of an IPO. 

At the heart of our event - an unmatched chance to gain wisdom directly from a stellar lineup of speakers. Learn the intricacies of IPO marketing from strategists at Magnet who boast over two decades of crafting narratives that captivate and compel. Absorb insights from leaders within the walls of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where market trends are not just observed but made. 

Dive deep into the mechanics of billion-dollar IPOs with J.P. Morgan, who have been the architects behind some of the most successful public debuts. And hear firsthand from the CMO at Klaviyo, on their journey and what it took to emerge victorious on the other side.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to elevate your company's IPO journey from good to legendary.

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2024 marks a year where technology and growth transform the finance sector, offering new ways to genuinely connect and support people and businesses. Through innovative financial tech, we're not just advancing; we're enabling our clients to do more, understand their needs better, and foster real growth. Our commitment lies in empowering businesses to be authentic brands that make a difference. Join us as we navigate this journey of technology-driven advancement, helping you to not only grow but also to create more meaningful impacts in the lives of your customers. Let's together redefine excellence in finance and impact in the fast-evolving financial services landscape.

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We are a community of creative marketers and strategic storytellers, who gather to learn, discuss, and inspire each other. We connect top marketers, tech leaders, and creatives interested in mastering the transition from advertising to brand storytelling, and we provide them access to the latest insights in our trend reports. Become a part of our community of storytellers.


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