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October 18, 2022

The Future of Sustainability Storytelling

Climate change is arguably the most pressing concern for our global community, and consumers expect brands to communicate how they're addressing it. Here's guidance on how to tell a sustainability story.

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The Future of Sustainability Storytelling
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Headlines serve us a daily reminder: climate change continues to be the most pressing concern for our global community. The Global Risk Report 2022 identified global warming as the number one threat to humanity over the next decade. Public attitudes have shifted from aware to alarmed, and ignoring the crisis’s evidential signs (the fires, draughts, storms, lost biodiversity) is no longer an option, for governments, regulators, businesses, and consumers. Beyond demanding cleaner companies and products, consumers will avoid—even malign—brands that they perceive as ambivalent or harmful to the environment.

In this report, we address consumer sentiments around sustainability, what they want from brands, and how brands can meet these demands. Additionally, we provide sustainability storytelling tips and highlight some brands that are doing it right.

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