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October 28, 2022

The Future of Events—Immersive, Hybrid, and Virtual

The last two years challenged the way we stage events, but with new difficulties came creative solutions. Here are the latest trends and technologies for event hosting.

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The Future of Events—Immersive, Hybrid, and Virtual
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The last two years have brought tremendous change in all aspects of business and marketing, but especially for events and conferences. Event experts discovered new ways to connect with remote communities. Solutions emerged that will forever shape our expectations for gatherings.

In a recent Eventbrite survey, 82% think that the pandemic sped up our digital events transformation. Livestreaming emerged as more reliable and commonplace. Real-time analytics took the audience’s pulse and showed that even the cellphone in your pocket can engage attendees through polling and gamification. And contactless registration, check-in, and networking streamlined the in-person experience, helping to lessen lines and decrease needless touchpoints. Virtual and augmented reality also upped the capabilities of video and visual effects. The emergence of 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud processing made it easier to execute impressive and cost-effective XR experiences across connected devices. And this is just the beginning: AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and VR (virtual reality) technologies are expected to be a $30bn industry by 2030.

Read up on these and other trends and tactics for hosting engaging in-person and remote events.

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