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October 1, 2022

The State of the Story 2023 Preview

During Magnet's in-person portion of The State of the Story Summit, our founder Megan Cunningham recapped the top marketing trends of 2022 and looked ahead to what 2023 has in store. Read what she shared.

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The State of the Story Summit
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Magnet founder Megan Cunningham speaking

This year the Magnet team examined the biggest trends and topics facing marketers and brand leaders in 2022. See what they were and get the executive summary of each report as well as links to full versions featuring all the data, insights, and case studies. Then read about what we predict will be the biggest opportunity for marketers and creatives in 2023.

About The State of the Story

Marketing and media are in a state of perpetual disruption. This presents challenges for leaders crafting narratives and creating business plans. But it also creates opportunities for inventive storytelling. Never before have customers so responded to innovation, experimentation, and originality. And the content outlets for this creativity are expanding: branded podcasts, social media campaigns, influencer collaborations, streaming series, sponsored documentaries, and behavior-based advertising. At The State of the Story, we explore the latest trends and techniques for telling your story to successfully and meaningfully grow your brand and business.

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