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2024 Tech Trends with CB Insights

Nielsen's Global Black Diverse Intelligence Series guides tech and finance marketers to authentic connections with Black audiences. Magnet distills key insights for genuine engagement.

CB Insights' 2024 Tech Trends Report is here, a goldmine for senior tech and finance marketers. Navigate the dynamic landscape with insights on AI, cybersecurity, and financial services trends. Magnet's top three takeaways ensure you're equipped to make impactful decisions and lead in your industry.

1. AI Trends

  • AI Adoption in Banks: The Retail Bank AI Readiness Index assesses the preparedness of top banks in adopting AI technologies. Some banks are building competitive advantages through internal R&D, IP, and key AI hires. For example, hiring experts like Abhijit Bose from Facebook AI Research and developing tools like Turing text-to-SQL demonstrate a commitment to AI innovation.
  • Challenges in AI Adoption: Financial services organizations face obstacles in realizing their AI goals, including issues related to data sizes for model training, budget constraints, recruiting and retaining AI experts, and data privacy concerns. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for banks to leverage AI effectively

2. Cybersecurity Trends

  • Security Consolidation: Cyber chaos is driving consolidation in the security industry, as companies seek to streamline their cybersecurity strategies and solutions to combat evolving threats effectively.
  • Data Security: The landscape of data security is evolving, with AI vs. AI dogfights redefining approaches to safeguarding sensitive information. This highlights the importance of advanced technologies in enhancing data security measures.

3. Financial Services Trends

  • AI FOMO in Banks: Banks are experiencing a fear of missing out (FOMO) on AI adoption, recognizing the potential benefits of AI in enhancing operations, customer experiences, and decision-making processes. Leading banks are investing in AI technologies and talent to stay competitive in the evolving financial services landscape.
  • Blockchain Challenges: The financial services sector faces challenges in adopting blockchain technology, with uphill battles in integrating blockchain solutions into traditional financial systems. Overcoming these obstacles is essential for harnessing the full potential of blockchain in financial services.

These insights underscore the importance of AI, cybersecurity, and technological advancements in shaping the future of industries like financial services. By understanding these trends and challenges, organizations can proactively adapt to the changing landscape and leverage emerging technologies to drive innovation and growth.

Find the full report here.

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