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AI in Superbowl 58

Explore AI's spotlight at Super Bowl 58, featuring Microsoft's Copilot and Google's Pixel innovations. AdWeek's insights reveal AI's diverse applications and challenges in adoption.

During the Superbowl this past Sunday, AI had time to shine, with brands like Microsoft showing off their Copilot AI and Google displaying the Pixel’s ability to use AI to enhance the photo-taking experience for those who are blind or have low vision. 

Rounding up some of the AI news for this year’s Superbowl, AdWeek’s “How AI Showed Up in Ads During Super Bowl 58” discussed AI’s presence during Superbowl 58 and dives into the ads shown, the myriad AI use cases and some of the challenges surrounding AI adoption. Magnet has collected our three key takeaways below: 

AI Integration in Super Bowl Ads

Tech leaders such as Microsoft and Google prominently featured AI-driven innovations in Super Bowl ads. Microsoft's Copilot and Google's AI-powered Guided Frame demonstrated how AI could be a creative tool and an enabler, pushing boundaries and empowering users. The focus was on portraying AI positively, emphasizing its potential to enhance creativity and engagement.

Diverse AI Applications

The Super Bowl ads showcased a diverse range of AI applications. Avocados From Mexico used GuacAImole, a multimodal AI tool, for creating guacamole recipes. Etsy introduced Gift Mode, powered by OpenAI's GPT4, combining AI with human curation to help shoppers select gifts. This diversity highlighted the versatility of AI, from recipe generation to personalized shopping assistance.

Challenges in AI Adoption

Despite the buzz around AI in marketing, actual AI-led ads were limited. Industry experts noted a cautious approach, attributing the scarcity to concerns about potential unexpected errors in high-profile events like the Super Bowl. The cautious stance suggested that, while brands experiment with AI, they may not view the Super Bowl as an ideal testing ground, highlighting challenges and considerations in widespread AI adoption for critical advertising moments.

You can check out AdWeek’s full article here.

Microsoft Game Day Commercial | Copilot: Your everyday AI companion

In this video from Microsoft, the power of AI is showcased as a tool that anyone can use in their new Copilot app. Displaying a wide range of individuals taking on their goals with Copilot acting to assist them along the way.

Javier in Frame

This video from Google showcases the pixels’s Guided Frame feature. The functionality is designed to help Blind and low vision people take photos more accessibly by effectively providing audio descriptions of what the viewfinder is seeing.

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