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Meta's Newest App, Threads: What Brand Leaders Need to Know

Meta's newest app, Threads, has experienced unprecedented growth and presents an enticing opportunity for brand leaders, but it must effectively address challenges related to legal scrutiny, differentiation, and combating hate speech to ensure long-term success as an alternative to Twitter.

Approaching Meta's newest app, Threads, presents brands with abundant information on what to expect for marketers. As with any new social platform, there are opportunities, challenges, and creative decisions to navigate. Here are the key points that brand leaders should know:

01. Fast Growth & Easy Adoption

Threads has experienced unprecedented growth, surpassing the adoption speed of other platforms like ChatGPT,  Instagram, TikTok, and other established offerings. Within five days of its launch, Threads reached 100 million daily active users, making it the fastest-growing platform ever. The app's rapid success can largely be attributed to Instagram's user base of 2 billion, allowing seamless sign-up, follower retention and tapping into Meta's vast network effects. Threads is also planned to be compatible with ActivityPub, an open social networking protocol, enabling interoperability with other apps supporting the protocol. This feature enhances network effects and expands the reach of Threads.

02. Hopes for the Platform

Threads presents a potential alternative for advertisers who have scaled back their presence on Twitter due to brand safety concerns, including increased racist and hateful speech. While Threads does not have ad placements for the first year, marketers have been actively building their presence organically and engaging with users. Some brands have begun incentivizing audience engagement by offering giveaways and follow-for-follow promotions. Additionally, Threads shares similar back-end administration tools with Instagram, providing social media managers with an easy setup process. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions Threads as a "friendly" shelter from the chaotic world of news and politics, aiming to address safety concerns seen on Twitter.

03. Challenges & Headwinds

Despite its explosive start, Threads faces several challenges that could hinder its journey toward becoming a mature and reliable social media platform. One of the potential challenges is scrutiny from regulatory bodies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the European Union. Threads' requirement for users to delete their Instagram accounts to delete Threads might attract attention from the FTC, and Meta is also under investigation by the EU's highest court over data privacy violations. Additionally, Threads needs to differentiate itself sufficiently from Twitter to justify its existence and ensure user retention. Another challenge involves combating hate speech and disinformation, which have plagued other social media platforms. It is crucial for Threads to address these issues effectively to avoid falling into the same pitfalls as the company that they are aiming to dethrone.

Meta's Threads presents an exciting opportunity for brand leaders. Its rapid growth, ease of adoption, and potential as an alternative to Twitter make it an enticing platform. However, challenges related to legal scrutiny, differentiation, and combating hate speech need to be effectively addressed to ensure its long-term success.

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