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The Power of the Personal

Highlighting Customer Stories

Everyone loves feeling like a superstar. Beyond brands, empowering customers to share success stories builds trust. Examples include Jaguar Land Rover's Google Ads success and Pandora's efficiency with UiPath RPA.

Who doesn't love feeling like a superstar? To know that their opinion is highly valued and that they are regarded as a subject matter expert? Guess what, it's not just limited to brands and influencers.

While brands often elaborate on their products and services, a much more impactful approach to building trust is by empowering customers to become subject experts themselves through customer stories. These stories highlight real-world success stories of users who have benefited from the products, providing concrete evidence of their impact and value.

There are as many approaches to customer stories as there are customers, making it imperative that brands create unique opportunities for their customers to share their experiences with the world. One example of an expertly crafted and unique customer story is from Jaguar Land Rover generates high-quality leads in today’s omnichannel auto experience. In this Customer Story from Google Ads, they take a backseat as the team at Jaguar walks the viewer through the ways that Google’s lead form extension has transformed the customer’s purchasing journey, making it simpler for interested customers to find the vehicle that they are looking for and subsequently, leading to outstanding business results for Jaguar.

In How Pandora improves employee experience with UiPath RPA, a customer story from Uipath, a director at Pandora Radio speaks about the ways in which the technology has transformed their business processes. With driving operational efficiency and improving employee experience as a goal, Pandora was able to automate repetitive manual tasks and free up time for its employees. This is another example of the brand behind the video taking a step back and allowing the customer to be the star.

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