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Views from Davos

Magnet proudly partners with IBM at Davos, shaping discussions on "Rebuilding Trust." Join us to explore IBM's impactful contributions to the future of A.I.

This year, Magnet takes immense pride in being the production partner for IBM at The World Economic Forum in Davos. Amidst the stunning backdrop of Davos, IBM played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on "Rebuilding Trust." From thought-provoking talks and engaging panel discussions to insightful interviews, IBM left an indelible mark, offering a glimpse into the future of A.I. Join us in this series as we shine a spotlight on some of the brilliant discussions led by IBM at Davos.

Featured Topics
  • Women In AI
  • 5th-year anniversary of The Hispanic Society event and the intersection of AI and decision-making
  • Generative AI at Davos

Ana Paula Assis on Women in AI

In this video, Ana Paula Assis, Chair and GM at IBM EMA, provides key takeaways from the discussions on women in AI at Davos:

Key Takeaways
  • Davos discussion focused on the progress of female participation in AI.
  • Emphasis on ensuring unbiased and ethical AI deployment.
  • Highlighted the importance of upskilling to enhance women's confidence in AI opportunities.
  • Stressed the need for intentional efforts by companies to increase women's presence in leadership roles.
  • Overall consensus on the necessity of promoting diversity and inclusion in the field of artificial intelligence

Jesus Mantas with Claudia Edelman

In this video, Jesus Mantas, Global Managing Partner at IBM Consulting, engages in an insightful interview with Claudia Romo Edelman, CEO and Founder of We Are All Human. Together, they delve into the 5th-year anniversary of The Hispanic Society event and explore the intersection of AI and decision-making at the 2024 World Economic Forum.

Key Takeaways
  • This year's Hispanic Society event had over 100 attendees, reflecting significant growth from its humble beginnings with just five people five years ago.
  • The upcoming year at Davos is expected to be different due to 50 elections, making it a crucial time for decision-makers to navigate a polarized world. There is a shift towards a more data-driven agenda, with decision-makers adopting a more humble and collaborative approach.
  • The Hispanic market, particularly in the United States, is emphasized as a significant economic force, with a market value of $3.4 trillion, making it the third-largest growing market globally. The purpose of Hispanics' presence at Davos is to educate decision-makers on the economic potential and growth opportunities associated with the Hispanic community.
  • The role of technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), is a dominant theme at Davos. Discussions revolve around policies and guardrails to ensure AI becomes a force for good, addressing concerns such as the widening digital divide and leveraging technology to achieve sustainable development goals.
  • The interview concludes with Claudia Edelman and Jesus Mantas emphasizing the importance of the Hispanic community's progress, stating that Hispanic progress is American progress. The role of technology, particularly AI, is highlighted as a transformative force that needs careful consideration and policy frameworks to ensure positive outcomes.

John Granger

In this video, IBM Consulting's SVP, John Granger, explores generative AI at Davos, sharing insights on skills, data, and governance, and highlighting IBM's unique position in responsibly guiding clients.

Key Takeaways
  • John Granger highlights that generative AI is a central focus at Davos, with discussions revolving around its implications for skills, data, and governance.
  • It is emphasized that IBM is well-positioned in the generative AI space, leveraging Watson X technology and expertise from IBM Consulting to assist clients with generative AI.
  • A significant concern discussed is the governance of generative AI. Clients are cautious due to issues such as bias, data accuracy, and confidence in the technology. IBM, with its history of responsible technology introduction, aims to address these concerns.
  • IBM's commitment to responsible technology introduction is highlighted, drawing on the company's long history. He suggests that IBM's position on managing biases and ensuring confidence in technology usage is a key aspect of the discussions.

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