Creative Director (Finance)

Sara Rodrigues

Sara develops 360 concepts for all brands, personal and professional. She loves a clean font, a good story, and the Oxford comma.

Sara Rodrigues is an accomplished Creative Director with Magnet's financial services vertical, where she leads a team responsible for developing innovative concepts and strategies. With extensive experience spanning over a decade in production, Sara has designed horror films, written about kitsch motels' death, and even immersed herself in the science of chicken farming.

Sara's expertise in understanding niche sectors and creating content to explain them to the masses is unparalleled. Her work has been featured on numerous platforms, including House Beautiful, NBC, The Military Channel, TLC, Oxygen, History, Delish, Showtime, and TV Globo. Her independent work has played the festival circuit, including Tribeca, BAFF, Fantasia, Outfest, and Stiges.

Sara is a firm believer in the power of a clean font, a good story, and the Oxford comma. In her downtime, she enjoys testing new recipes, watching Z-movies at the local theater, and paddleboarding the second the sun comes out.

If you share Sara's passion for making the mundane feel magical, please don't hesitate to reach out to her.


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We tell stories that matter, no matter the medium. Our THINK/MAKE/REACH approach to content combines actionable insights, world-class talent, and scale to make your message heard.


Our team will audit, analyze, plan, and measure your content to reach your target audience and goals. And once we do, we can help you pivot and stretch your strategy to achieve a lasting brand narrative.

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For twenty years we've specialized in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism. Our talent includes globally recognized filmmakers and artists.

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We've produced award-winning, multi-season series for both Fortune 500 clients and fast-moving startups. Our team can craft a professional show bible, source talent to host or feature, and develop a promotion plan to reach devoted listeners.

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In person, virtual, or hybrid—our expert events team will engage your community and amplify your presence in a memorable way. We specialize in helping clients utilize the latest technologies for memorable, story-driven experiences.

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Our unique social campaigns stand out–both in engagement metrics and meaningful brand sentiment and awareness.

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Magnet creates top-tier IPO Roadshow Films and creative assets for companies going public, collaborating closely with clients, their bankers, and the listing exchange to convey brands' stories, ensuring successful offerings with powerful narratives.

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