A solar-powered IPO

Turbulent economic markets of the last two years made initial public offerings unfavorable for most companies. Nextracker told the stories of the people, the company, and the technologies behind their innovative solar power solutions, creating persuasive video content that helped achieve an exceptional IPO.

Thank you, Magnet. True project management expertise and exceptional creative partners. Glad to be on the IPO journey with you! – Kristan Kirsh, Vice President, Global Marketing, Nextracker


Magnet Media was tasked with producing a suite of content to tell the powerful story of Nextracker and its enormous environmental impact. By featuring Nextracker’s people, mission, and products, the film would engage investment professionals, driving them to invest in the brand’s IPO.

"When we launched Nextracker, we saw an opportunity to bring modern technology—digital control, wireless mesh network systems, and so forth—into the solar power generation area. That hadn’t been done." – CEO Daniel Shugar


Magnet began consulting with Nextracker and their investment bankers at J.P. Morgan on their story over a year before the planned IPO. We produced a robust suite of video assets to serve multiple use cases. These videos came together to create a core IPO roadshow film, as well as shorter films that can assist with sales, marketing and recruiting. 

The core roadshow film includes footage captured at Nextracker’s solar farms and features the company’s innovative software and hardware in action. Nextracker’s senior leaders walked viewers through the business, its growth plans, and their overall mission. The narrative connected Nextracker’s solar power systems to clean energy sources used in our everyday lives.  

Execution and Outcome:

The Magnet production team consisted of a full live-action crew, which ran several multi-camera capture days at Nextracker’s HQ and solar fields. In addition to the on-site crew, Magnet Media provided a dedicated producer, creative director, senior account manager, and animation and post-production teams to manage and execute this project. The teams worked hand-in-hand with Nextracker and their bankers to produce a film that achieved the disparate goals of an IPO roadshow.

Nextracker (NXT) exceeded its fundraising goals and raised $638.4 million for their IPO.

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